3mm fillament at hive

Wanted to post before using any…it was a long night however got a chance to swing by the hive and grab what looked to be scraps of filament that were in the fab lab to try some small test prints to see what my machine does quality wise and show Gregg , lukes dad what should, could be changed for a better functioning final product as well as consult with the King gurus of printing at the hive. I grabbed some loose red , blue, and black filament all 3mm from back under the 3d printer shelf. A if this does belong to anyone I wont use it and will bring it back tonight as im kind of on a 3rd shift right now. B if it ok to use and you happen to know the material type and could give me a heads up… AWESOME and if it is belongs to someone who would like to trade for some camp Washington I will gladly buy after a meeting or whatever. Im going to try both abs and pla with my machine so hopefully there might be some of each here. I did leave a new sealed spool of 1.75 red at the hive in the fab lab if the scrap was the hives to re compensate, again I will proceed after instruction.

The Red, Blue, Black and Green (loose spooled) and Black (many Spools) are all ABS and I brought them in for anyone to use. There might have been some from the old Makerbot Cupcake days as well… it’s free to use as well… and should be ABS as well.



I have a spool of Orange 3.00 I am not using I can bring/send in.
Marcus Twyford

Sweet thank you guys