3D Thursday cancelled 2019-07-11

I have a late system upgrade at work this evening, and won’t be able to attend.

  • Ry

Upon further review, I have discovered that I’m off by a week. 3D Thursday was not scheduled for this evening.

Needs more coffee.

  • Ry

What’s your source for PETG? Who do you recommend buying from?
I’ve finally got my garage ready and my relative’s stuff out of my basement and have enough space to make the low rider MPCNC and assemble before winter sets in.

I’ve been buying from atomicfilament.com for the past few years. The price is higher than many other vendors, but the quality seems great and I don’t buy in large enough quantity to be affected by the markup. You’ll easily get an MPCNC out of a single spool, so it probably won’t affect you either.

I know others buy in larger quantities, and might also have viable options to suggest.

  • Ry

I personally recommend ZYLtech Filaments, their PETG has been the easiest I have ever printed with (I havent printed from atomic filament). Free shipping after $75 which is pretty easy to hit. I am an affiliate with them and have a 15% discount code with them as well “blackdiamondarsenal” (that being said, I have been exclusively using them for about a year before I became an affiliate as well for anything they carry)

Is there a 3d Thursday this thursday coming up 7/18. If there is and any of you can make it to help me load my welding tanks I would appreciate it!

Paul -

It belatedly occurs to me to ask if you’d like to have my set of MPCNC printed parts. They’re from an older project version, but still compose a complete rolling chassis. I’m unlikely to ever use them again, and could easily reprint if things changed.

  • Ry