3D Thursday - 2018-12-06, 2018-12-20

I’ll bring a couple printers in again to augment the Hive’s existing machines on December 6th and 20th between 5p and 11p with the intent of providing 3D printing introductions for anyone new to the topic. Anyone interested in a quick printing primer should feel encouraged to attend.

Bringing your own computer and a spare micro SD card is not required, but would be helpful. The sheer number of printer tuning parameters can make using shared workstations slightly frustrating.

Those bringing their own computers will minimally want one CAD package for 3D modeling, (I suggest SketchUp or SolveSpace) and one CAM package (I suggest Cura) for generating G-code to drive the printers.

  • Ry

I’ll be down there within the hour. If no one has specific goals for the evening, I’ll work on mounting some freshly printed absurdity to the can crusher.

  • Ry

Hi Ryan:

If you are still there, I may be down in the 7:00 - 9:00 time window to see you.


I’m about to head down if you will be there? I tried calling and texting you but no response. Lmk.

Hi Ry, will you be doing 3D Thursday this week?
I got some (discount) Ninjatek Armadillo for christmas that I am itching to try out. It’s 3mm though so can’t be used on my home 1.75mm printer.

Cheers, Mike

If you are doing one on the 3rd I finally will be free on Thursdays and likely Tuesdays starting that week. I really need to try and make it down some nights coming up to build that delta kit I have down there. Hopefully all us well for everyone, the holidays have been hell and recovery has sucked… but im really looking forward to making it down again :slight_smile: happy holidays and new years everyone!!!

Hopefully that cr10s is doing well for prints, the can crusher is AWESOME.

Not officially. I’m targeting every other week for 3D Thursday to reduce burnout. In a break with Hive13 tradition, it’s actually on our event calendar. :laughing:

I’ll likely be down there later this evening working on the can crusher anyway, though. I need to reprint a few parts, and conveniently, haven’t unloaded my car from last Thursday.

  • Ry

On second thought… it looks like it’s going to be raining sideways at 40mph from 7P to midnight. Tomorrow sounds like a better plan.

  • Ry

Awesome, the kids have been pestering the crap out of me to print some nerf parts that the cr10s will do. I somehow lost my box with the extra 3d printer parts in it and am hoping it will resurface soon. Hopefully it has been printing sucsessful for you guys. I also picked up really nice brand new arrows that were blemished in 25 plus inch lengths for 3d printers and other hive projects.

I may have some of that. You packed an extra hot end, some fiberglass mats, a spool of yellow PETG, and a few other bits with the printer when you dropped it off.

The CR10 has been a little workhorse, by the way. It’s an amazing machine for the price. It’s currently dialed in for PETG with a .08 nozzle, which, at 30mm/sec and .06mm layer height, seems to be the limit of the included heat block.

I keep meaning to switch out for a volcano, but it’s doing so well with the current setup that I’ve been reluctant to spend another day tweaking Cura. Maybe that could be next Thursday’s project.

  • Ry

I know we did buy the volcano hot end and a few boxes of nozzles. I am hoping to be done with helping get the ice rink back up and running over the next few nights to help with what I can. Then frrrrreeeeeddooooommmmm lol I will finally be able to print the nerf parts needed to get my nephew off of my back lol. Have a good night man!

I will have Katie go through my hobby boxes and bins to find the other cr10 stuff I bought.

I unfortunately have to cancel 3D Thursday this week. I’ve been down with a migraine all day, and so not really in shape to drive.

  • Ry

3D Thursday is canceled. I apologize for the short notice, but I have to leave town for a family emergency.Thursday is canceled. I apologize for the short notice, but I have to leave town for a family emergency.

  • Ry

I’m dealing with a late system upgrade at work, and may be late for 3D Thursday as a result. I should be there by 7.

  • Ry