3D Thursday - 2018-11-08

A demo created for last month’s open house has left the FabLab, for a short time, with three calibrated and operational 3D printers. This seems like a wonderful opportunity to provide a 3D printing introduction for anyone new to the topic.

To that end, I will be available at Hive13 next Thursday evening from 5p until close. Anyone interested in a quick printing primer should feel encouraged to attend.

Bringing your own computer and a spare micro SD card is not required, but would be helpful. The sheer number of printer tuning parameters can make using shared workstations slightly frustrating.

  • Ry


I attended the open house on 10/20 but haven’t been able to make the Tuesday meetings since. I would love to know if I can come by and learn the 3D printers without being a member yet.

If I am allowed to show up, what programs will I need on my laptop?

~Alex Irvine

I’d be interested and have the same question about what soft ware would be good to have on my laptop.


Pamela, Alex -

I don’t see a problem with a few non-members appearing. Maybe we’ll lure you into joining. :smiley:

You will minimally want one CAD package for 3D modeling, and one CAM package for generating G-code to drive the printers.

If you have no familiarity with such software, I recommend https://www.sketchup.com and https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-cura-software for the easiest start. I can talk a little about other applications on Thursday if they are of interest.

  • Ry