3D Printing

Hi Dan,

I’m forwarding this to the mailing list to see if any one is available to help you out with this.

List, please ensure you include Dan’s email in your response.

http://www.sketchup.com/products/sketchup-make is a great way to get started in 3d modelling, it’s super simple and intuitive to use. As for the printing part, there are other experts around. With sketchup, I think you export your model to STL and then into some sort of slicing tool to prepare it for printing… the experts will know.

Yep, STL is the 3D file format of choice. Google sketchup can export it with a plugin. The “slicing” needs to be done with correct settings for the specific printer, and it can be done with software such as repetier just before printing.

There’s two 3d printers at the hive currently, a Makerbot Cupcake and the Ultrabot. I’d be up for helping you print a small piece on the Ultrabot, perhaps after one of our Tuesday meetings. The print quality of the machine is currently mediocre–what kind of of precision do you need?


Thingiverse has a few trombone mouth pieces posted but not sure if they’re what you need, this is one that came up in a simple search: Thingiverse

I have a Prusa i3 that’s operating pretty well at the moment and can print whatever you need. I’ll do it for a beer and you provide the 3d file.

I do have a friend here at work that’s a CAD designer that could draw up what you need but he may require a few more beers than I

If you have a STL, I could also print one off on my Solidoodle and bring it to a Tuesday meeting.


Sounds like you need to hit harbor freight and get their $20 digital calipers. Or maybe someone here has some sort of 3d scanning apparatus?