3D printing with Ninja-flex help

Would anyone be ever-so-kind to help me print a single small part out of ninja-flex (or other similar flexible material)?
It is a small rubber grommet aprox: 19mm x 9mm. I have the STL files. I just need one print.
Thank you.

Hi Jamie,
I can print that on my home printer if you want. I have red semiflex filament:


This would be great, thank you. Here are the STL files. I only need one of each piece. What would be this best way to pick them up from you?

Cap (top and bottom equal).stl (295 KB)

Cap.stl (400 KB)

PS. the pieces are 19mm x (approx)9mm, they weigh about 1.3g

he drives past the hive about every day, so he could easily drop them off at the hive one of the days. would that work? else we live on the west side and you are welcome to stop by and pick them up

I can pick them up at the hive. just let me know when. Thanks again!

Dropped pieces off on hive meeting table.

FYI to all, back doors we’re unlocked, so I locked them… Apologies if they were unlocked on purpose for some reason.



I think with the new annex space people are going between them a lot more. I know when I was working on the PTDR stuff I just left the double doors between them open.

Or are you talking about the way back doors to the common area (where the elevator and stairs are)?

We probably just need to remind people to lock everything up when they are the last to leave.

Doors from main hive to annex hallway, and from annex hallway to stairs/elevator area were all unlocked.

Wow, that was fast! Thank you so much!

Well, it was a quick print! I was also kind of pleasantly surprised how easily support structures came off with the semiflex :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I picked them up. The support areas look real clean. They are good prints also. Better than the one’s I printed at the public library with PLA.