3D printing PPDs

Is the hive collectively, or members individually, producing PPDs or other medical supplies for the virus effort?

My printer is full time cranking out mask shields to be distributed to hospitals and other healthcare providers who request them via https://collectiveshield.org/ , but I know that there are lots of other similar efforts. For example Prussa has a design for a full face shield that includes a laser cut overhead transparency sheet.


I think the prusa shield is probably a more valuable product, but I’m going with the collectiveshield design because I don’t have to source other materials and they are also helping co-ordinate mailing the shields to folks who request them.

Whatever members are producing, I bet the hive could make a real difference.

I'm not up to speed on collective shield (I'm not sure FDM is a viable replacement for N95. The CDC is recommending fabric face masks at this point.)

I have seen the shields being requested and came across the NIH recommended design.


I think medical sites call it “PPE” (Personal Protective Equipment),
mostly because medical sites call “PPD” the “purified protein derivative” test for tuberculosis (TB).

Just my $0.02


The shields I’m printing are to be used in conjunction with the N95 masks to allow them to be reused more often, not in any way a replacement. Just a splatter guard.

The full face shields are, as I said, probably more valuable. But we can drop 4 of these in an envelope and overnight them pretty quickly, and I don’t have a laser cutter or even a hole punch at home.

Hospitals and others are requesting these shields, so I’ll keep mailing them as long as there is demand or I run out of PETG.

You are correct, I should have said PPE.

Maker Mask is a nonprofit initiative organized by leaders in technology, industry and government. Maker Mask announced today the availability of the first medically approved design for 3D printer protective masks to help fill the critical need for high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the COVID-19 pandemic using community-based, small batch production.

People interested in learning more about the Maker Mask initiative and how to make these masks should join an educational webinar to be held on Thursday, April 2 at 1:00 pm PST / 4:00 pm EDT. For more information and to register, go to www.makermask.com.

The Maker Mask website functions as a digital media platform where interested parties can collaborate, coordinate, and access information about the mask design, training, components, and production instructions. Maker Mask is receiving funding from nonprofit corporate sponsors through the RPrime Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. A patent for Maker Mask is pending.

The Maker Mask initiative is enabling communities to create necessary goods locally and quickly will lessen the spread of disease, protect more people, reduce burdens on medical facilities/Department of Defense/governments, and give Americans something they can do to be part of the solution to this pandemic, while building and training capability for the future.

Bottomline, Maker Mask’s small batch production model allows communities all over the country make critically needed PPE to protect the people supporting our 16 sectors of critical infrastructure and we need your support.

For more information, see the attached information sheet

MakerMask_Mar2020.pdf (138 KB)

Looks very interesting!

The website says "Seattle Children’s Hospital and the Seattle Veteran’s Medical Center, in conjunction with an inter-agency task force including the VA, the NIH, and the FDA, are moving the Maker Mask through rapid approval."
So I guess it’s not “approved” for patient contact situations yet.

The lab director said it’s “good and useful in non-patient contact type of healthcare setting (as voice penetration is significantly reduced wearing this).”

Looking forward to the webinar! (and tuning up my 3d printer!).