3D Printing Logs & Use Guide

Per our discussion after the regular meeting, I created this table for self-logging our 3D print time.

I’m not an officer but here is my understanding of the present plan/guidelines:

  1. We will self-document our use of the 3D printers

  2. If you 3D print, please record it

  3. (?) even with your own material, (indicate your ownership in type column)1. Record start and end time of your printing sessions

  4. Weigh all you extrusions at the end of your session, even the failed prints

  5. (!) Do we need a bin to hold failed prints? What about when another member removes the build?1. This will help us understand and create guidelines for any provided filament.

  6. The Hive will utilize its capital to purchase several Kg (rolls) of filament for both printers.

  7. A portion will be available for free use, under the condition that we log our use

  8. (?) Specific colors will be available for member purchase, to privately consume

  9. (?) Members using more than 200g of filament per month should purchase their own filament.

  10. ( Was this to be implemented now or after some period of observation? )
    Officers and please feel free to copy/paste and edit above, and comment on specific lines! (1.2.1.)

HIVE13 3D PRINTER LOG.pdf (29.6 KB)

I never took the understanding of recording the use of our own material from this meeting and do not feel comfortable doing so. I purchased personal filament for multiple reasons one being so that I can use it liberally without effecting the average consumption of Hive13 filament.

Daniel, what aspect makes you uncomfortable with this?

I bought my own filament also, but I believe that documenting my use of the shared printers (even with private material) will help everyone be more informed about how the Hive’s tools are getting used.

Do we have to record when we use any other tool except the laser cutter? (this is a tool that’s disposable part is not something that can be switched in and out) I plan on using my filament more liberally than I would any filament the hive provided, meaning to judge the usage of the filament the hive provides it would be inaccurate by using private stock.

I have no issue recording any filament I use that is part of a monthly allotment to members and agree it will give us a good idea of what is being used from the Hive’s stock.

If people are using their own filament then a weight doesn’t need to be logged, but it would be good if the time was still logged so we can get an idea of how much the printers themselves are being used.

Jon Neal with the win!

3D printers have stuff that breaks from usage. I think that’s a pretty damn fair compromise between keeping track of how the communal resource is used and letting people do whatever with their own supplies.

I can see that being a reasonable model for any of the hive’s tools in which supplies and/or machine maintenance is a concern.

Dave, that is technically ever tool at the hive then. Do we record the usage of the table saw times or drills and drimels? every tool has stuff that breaks from usage.

There isn’t a tool in the Hive that sees more hours than the Gigabot… and these tools are only going to get more popular. But at $6k for a Gigabot, I’m very willing to share! :slight_smile:

@Dan, none of those tools that you bring up are being used enough that the cost of keeping them supplied and operational is of a concern at this time. I think you missed the “is a concern.” clause of my previous statement. If the cost of blades for the table saw became an issue, I totally think having a use log would be a great way to gather information towards handling it. The 3D printers at the hive seem like they spend a significant portion of the time “busted” in one way or another for reasons beyond a lack of filament. If things ranging from limit switches to steppers to controllers need replaced periodically, having data on how much these machines gets used would be a great way to help justify the cost of any such repairs.

Thanks for taking the initiative on this guys!

Is there a possibility of having the option to donate money to cover filament used beyond 200g/month?