3D Printing Expense Approval

There are two purchases up for vote next week:

Item #1
$700 for a heated built platform & enclosed build area for the Gigabot. This is to allow us to print ABS on the Gigabot. Printing with ABS requires a heated build platform in order to help ensure parts print without warping. We have a fairly large stock of 3mm ABS that we currently are not able to use. If we convert the Gigabot to be able to print ABS then we will save money in the long run.

Item #2

$360 for a supply of PLA. This will be a mix of 1.75 PLA and 3 mm PLA. The 3 mm PLA is for the Gigabot while we work on transitioning it to work w/ ABS. This purchase will be for:

  • Rolls of PLA to be available for general use at the Hive for small one off projects. This material will be marked somehow such that it is clear that this is the Hive’s “General Supply”. Please be respectful of this resource and do not use it for large prints that use a lot of plastic.
  • 2x Rolls of 3 mm PLA
  • 2x rolls of 1.75 mm PLA- The remaining funds will be used to buy a mix of 3 mm and 1.75 mm PLA that will be available to be purchased at cost from the Hive for use on larger print projects.

If I am absent as I probably will be, count me as an “aye” towards both items please.

Dave B.