3d printer

Hey guys with thr ultimaker being down for the time being I was wondering if anyone had a 3d printer they’d be willing to print a file for me. I had a failure late into the first piece for this and may be cutting it close on the deadline. If so let me know

What is the print area because I remember you saying something about your printer being a taz? As far as the ultimaker goes I have a feeling it is going to be out for a bit seeing the temps were so high it melted the components. What is the end component your making and material?

Well the temp was too high on the ultimaker because a fan went out

I am making a part for a costume out of abs (when the ultimaker went out I was also using abs.) The print area should fit onto the ultimaker but don’t have it in front of me right this second.

That is not the case, Daniel.

The fan itself did not burn out, the high heat melted the fan wire insulation and the wires shorted together, blowing the transistor on the control board.

Furthermore, ABS back-flowed up the assembly and oozed out of the aluminum and PTFE spacers. That would take a lot of pressure.

The heat sink on the UM2 is usually cool to the touch.

This only points to one cause: negligence.

The layers being printed were so thin that they were transparent (even in black filament). G-code from your prints has shown 6 micron layer height. This is far below tolerance.

Furthermore, this is the 4th time that your unattended prints have failed on the ultimaker. Previously, they were stopped in time by myself or other members. In one case, I found the print head banging against the enclosure loudly dragging ABS with it – surely that’s a tip off that something is wrong. That G-code also had 6 micron layers.

I suggest that you use another printer in the future and leave the diagnostic issues to the caretaker of the printer (me).


Lorin I emailed you privately regarding this but that is the complete opposite that you told me in person. First you told me it was a fan failure causing a heating issue. Second Leaving a print unattended is a practice you commonly did also.
6 microns is outrageous. Anyone who knows anything about printers knows that’s not available with filament printers (hell I don’t know if it’s possible with high end resin printers. I wasn’t printing anything below the 100 micron setting, there was no need for it for this project. If I had failed prints beyond that one, Noone informed me and everything beyond the one that had the issues I set to print was finished when I came in. I’m not sure who else printed that may have failed but I do not believe it was me.

When did we start a policy of banning a member from a piece of equpment even if they made a mistake that damaged it, expecially when Noone has talked to the member? Is this a policy we want to start? If so we can take a lot of members and get them off of some of the equipment. Not something I want to start do you?

The hive doesn’t own that equipment, Daniel. The Ultimaker is generously on LOAN from Lorin/UC. It’s a tool he NEEDS IN WORKING ORDER for the classes that he teaches. It’s a tool he graciously makes available to the Hive AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T INTERFERE WITH WHAT IT WAS PURCHASED FOR - HIS CLASSES. As such, he can do whatever he damn well pleases with it, including ban people from using it. Or remove it from the hive. Check your sense of entitlement.

Even if this was a piece of Hive-owned equipment, I hope you’d have the decency to respect the caretaker/warden of any piece of equipment asking you not to mess with it - that’s just simple respect. If you repeatedly had issues using one of my tools on semi-permanent loan to the HIve, I’d sure as hell tell you not to use it anymore.

This isn’t about policy. This is about you screwing up equipment repeatedly and turning a simple request not to use a tool from its owner into a “conspiracy of policy” out to get you. If there had been one “I’m sorry” or “I made a mistake” or functionally equivalent statement from you along with the finger pointing, I would have let this be. But there wasn’t. Two words: victim stance.

I am pissed as all hell at how often tools (especially 3D printers, soldering irons, etc.) at the hive are wrecked. It’s never malice or deliberate destruction - only carelessness or ineptitude on the part of people using them. I’d really like to make use of the 3D printers more but I’ve resigned myself to waiting till I can afford one myself because of how often the Hive’s tools get wrecked. This shouldn’t be so.

I look forward to working with Tiffany to do what I can to provide more training on how to use tools at the Hive with the hope that one day they might actually have a reasonable life expectancy and not suffer an early demise or premature damage due to neglect or negligence, I can’t teach 3D printering but there are plenty of things I CAN teach. I think the educational aspect of the Hive’s mission has really fallen by the wayside and this should be a wake up call showing the consequences If every hive member taught one class per year on something they had expertise in, we’d have at least a class every week! that everyone needs to contribute a little more to the community for it to continue to grow and prosper.

So - there are no policy issues here. There’s a failure to determine/certify that users are capable of independently using complicated tools. There’s a failure to take personal responsibility for actions and show basic respect for others. But there are no policy issues.


Dave, when I first noticed an issue I addressed it. There is a difference from a mistake and negligence. I will state and have that I could have made a mistake and while talking to lorin, stated that if I did make a mistake I am sorry.

Now to you Dave: I have stated this before and stating it again. Every chance you get you attack me on the board and in meetings. That needs to stop, you take every chance to harass me, what’s your issue? Want me to word it differently leave me alone. Keep it up I will bring it to legal issues. (Yep I went there. And I got plenty of written evidence to get a restraining order and further more if it continues, criminal harassment charges. So before we have to get to that point, stop.)

Yikes Daniel…cool it down a notch. In fact might be best for everyone to give this thread a break.


I last directly contacted you via email on 7/22/15 to arrange to bring some of your materials to Makerfaire. I have not contacted you by other means (IM, phone, etc.) within that time period. I make it a point to avoid contacting you as you are right - we do not see eye to eye. Combined with the fact we are both vocal and opinionated, this is perhaps why the two of us have disagreed in the past. I actively avoid contact with you unless I really feel that your actions affect the group, and by extension myself. I think the record bears this out.

While we have disagreed in the past, I am not singling you out. I disagreed with your actions and response in this matter. If I knew who was responsible for other barbarism at the Hive, I sure as hell would call them out on it too. And I have… Search for my posts re:my welding helmet getting left out and about and not put away. I ended up even calling out someone who is a friend, namely Ryan Hershey. Search for posts re: kinked wire in MIG. Search for posts re: soldering/electronics area. When things aren’t right, I’m not silent. And it isn’t just you. Really.

I did not seek you out to contact you about this matter - I responded to what you posted in a PUBLIC FORUM of an organization we are both members of, an organization I have a vested interest in. An organization affected by both of our actions. I disagreed in a public forum with what you posted in said forum. I fail to see one “attack” aimed at you. I was critical, disagreeing with your actions and your response to another member. That is all. I did not make fun of you. I didn’t threaten you in any way. I did not “seek out” or initiate communication with you.

Again: my issue was with your actions and response, not with you as a person. If anything I said to you was interpreted as a personal attack, I screwed up and I owe you an apology. I don’t know you well enough to attack you as a person. If my words had this effect, I’m sorry. Honestly.

With that said, If I were to screw up at the Hive, I would expect that others would tell me. I feel strongly that our obligation to each other is not to just pat each other on the backs and say “good job” - we are also obligated to call each other out for our mistakes, too. If other members would fail to tell each other when they thought someone was was wrong or screwed up, we have a much bigger problem within the community. Hell, if people think I’m out of like now, I expect to hear about it.

Daniel, if you wish to continue discussion, please feel free to email me privately or approach me next time we are in the same room. I will NOT be initiating contact in any way, shape, form or medium. I know what “leave me alone” means and as I said - I’m not looking to start trouble with you.


So it is clear:
“Hell, if people think I’m out of like now, I expect to hear about it.” was meant to say
“Hell, if people think I’m out of line now, I expect to hear about it.”

Apologies, but it is important enough that I thought fixing the typo was worthwhile.

I will say the first time you clogged the nozzle I offered to come help with both the clearing and cleaning out of the printer as well as look at the g code and settings. It went from 1 nozzle to I believe 3 or 4 screwed nozzles along with the PTFE throat melted. As with Lorin I also have the same exact printer as I have stated to you a few times trying to be nice. So it in a way puts it right in the negligence column as you said you had it taken care of and cleaned out…what I saw as it was taken apart was no where near that status and the same print and temps were used over and over still rejecting outside member help and rather just jamming another nozzle in it. The um2 is very expensive and a driving unit behind someone being generous enough to loan and let people use it for this to happen with just a shoulder shrug as it is now going to take someone days to fix it when someone could have looked at your file like myself who offered.

As for threats for legal action against someone for merely calling out the obvious of what happened like Dave is not only a jerk move but being a baby. Minutes after friending you on Facebook you went NUTS posting on just about anything and everything on my wall attacking me for my personal beliefs like an ass. For you to make s mockery out out of the legal system for wanting a restraining order and attack another member is quite unethical and abuse of a system for people who experience REAL ABUSE…not someone’s opinion on a message board.

There seems to be a common denominator here as well as being the elephant in the room…what you did on my own personal page makes Dave look like a saint. I let it go because maybe you were just having a bad day or whatever but seeing the behavior repeats itself with your threats towards other I do agree this is something that should go to the board. You made completely false and assanine remarks all over my Facebook that started 2 minutes after friending you and did not stop until I realized what you doing for a little while. The new attack another member based solely on his opinion of the events with legal action. So now you have essentially made to attacks towards other house members that are completely inappropriate as well as outside the discussion about the printer and or the equipment at the hive.

Dave as a side note on the soldering iron in the tip having to be ground and filed on the soldering iron and the tip having to be ground and filed to finish a job that had to be done do to someone running the iron on its Max temperature for a very long time basically trying to solder two pennies together in theory. That person no longer comes around so there is no need to even bring it up however with solder they were using and the Heat it completely eroded the metal on the tip to where you could not do anything at all. I know that what happened would not be the most ideal of situations if the tip were in good shape when they started and just wanted to get a different profile tip but the metal was completely oxidized and roasted beyond usable condition.

All of this seems ridiculous and childish now

Who did want and when ? Who cares

If it’s not an announcement or a “did you know” email to the group then I can suggest email each other .


Marvin I agree with you completely. The post ended up going a nasty Direction after threats were made towards one member and going to the police and getting a restraining order out of spite. That is something that could ruin one’s career and mess with their livelihood. My response was purely a holy s*** about what was being said because I too have had the same person attack me over Facebook. Hopefully this is enough for the thread to end as now it’s a parent with someone who’s willing to go 2 just because they don’t agree with you. LOL even when you were receiving all of the flag about whatever happened with the spindle I never thought he once threatened legal action towards anyone and that is something that cannot be a part of the hive LOL.

Damn voice to text really screwed up on that one over a couple spots. It’s what I get for having a white screen and not being able to really type LOL and also I hope all is well with you Marvin, I don’t know if you were going to be back in town for any shoots coming up in the fall but it would be fun to do if you’re around and maybe get some other house members involved , especially Greg as he has the same Hobbies as well

Kevin do you want to keep spreading libel (and possible slander)? I recommended you stop once, do you want to continue?

Making these threats like this ARE EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE. You do whatever you feel you need to do and I will leave it at. Making a whole bunch of ruckus online and the way things are going is not acceptable. If you would like to have a talk in person about this stuff, that would likely be a better option than to fill the hives public boards with craziness and things for the public to see as a whole. Lol I am done replying to crazy responses is this is nonsense. It has already caused the hive a big enough black eye with threats towards the membership.

This thread is about 3d printing. Instead, it has been used for accusations and threats. It has been said on this thread multiple times now, but if you have a problem with each other, take it off the list.

Thank you Dustin.

Is there anyway to even just remove the thread because as a group that does a lot of good for the community having the threats and other things that were made public would not be a good representation of the hive. I don’t know if it is something that the hive does or has done in the past but I think it might be a good time for it.

Things posted online exist forever. We will not be censoring the mailing list. However, we can temporarily pause/lock a topic if necessary.

So I will remind you:

Please be mindful, respectful and constructive before posting things on our public mailing list. There are over 400 people subscribed to our list; members of the community, organizations we have partnered with, potential sponsors, and other interested makers.

Be excellent!

Elly Hall
President | Hive13