3D Printer For Bills Eyes Only - Everyone Else Don't Look


Launching in just under 3 days.

Not really the same $115 price point but at $200(plus shipping). It and it has attachments for laser engraving and CNC cutting.

Everyone else,
Since you poked your nose in here, what are your thoughts on this machine?

Might be considering this to mess around with that eventually I would give to my nephew… maybe.

Just to let everyone else know, that iMakr printer that I built yesterday is STILL only $99. You have to watch the checkout… they have a printer that has two spools of filament that is $124.99… but those are just 500g spools… so not worth it. For a kit, it’s a great deal… went together in about 3 hours (for me) and printed flawlessly. It’s PLA only… but a great entry into 3d printing.

The kit is $99.99 and I paid about $15 shipping. They’re expecting the next shipment in on the March 27th.


Tim, I saw that other printer… it’s a clone of several others that are all the same price. I have no experience with it, but the reviews of similar machines are good.


I might add the electronics on this machine, though based on the RepRap Melzi, are cheap chinese junk. Don’t expect to use USB or a Raspberry Pi to drive it… won’t work. You can only transfer files to it via the Micro SD card.


I made a note of the iMakr, thanks for sharing with everyone. If I ever get the opportunity and sufficient reason to get my own, I’ll give it a look. Since you have built it, are there any necessary parts that are not included in the kit, not including filament and “nice and preferable to have but not necessary for basic function”?

Tim Wagner

It came with everything it needs except the filament.


Bill, have you read anything about the 2020 Prusa i3 from The Folger Tech? There was a short review of it in Make vol 55.

I have no experience with it and have not read any reviews of it either.


i have the original prusa i3mk2 kit ordered.

sent alittle early, bill, once i get it in if yoy want to check it out