3D Printer folk: Deltaprntr critique?



I still want to buy Bill’s pie maker, thought this one looks interesting, another innovative departure from the standard way of printing using more complicated math than “move the x motor and the y motor.”

The delivery time is almost a year away and I was turned off by the “add $25 for US shipping.” If there was some other country where the shipping would be less it wouldn’t matter, but given that almost any other kickstarter campaign builds the base shipping charge into the pledge levels, this feels like an attempt to make it look cheaper than it is.

Not the first “delta” printer. For example,

The deltaprintr prints do look nice. I wish them luck but I’d be more excited if they open-sourced the design. I find it interesting that they replaced belts with high-strength line. Bill did the same in the Pixie design–maybe this is the future of affordable 3d printers?

The deltaprintr kickstarter actually has a very low number of printers available as rewards. I approve, hopefully they will move quickly into actually selling printers rather than working through a backlog of rewards!


Doesn’t look like it has a heated bed although I didn’t read through all the specs if that’s the case then you would be limited in the material you can print.