3-in-1 shear, brake, and roll


I know there are (justified) reservations about getting a 3-in-1 tool vs. independant tools, but at $300, might this be worth a look?

Price is solid? Looks like it hasn’t had a ton of use.

OK price for what it is.
It’s always a question of what can you do with it?
20 Gauge capacity on most of these 40 inch combos is a real limiter.
It can handle light duct work and art projects.

I’d rather spend the money on a beverly shear that can really do some cutting.

My own experience is that regardless of the pedigree,

3-in-one shear-brake-slip = one okay sheet metal tool attached to two crappy ones.

Hive should go with dedicated machines, however, these are good in small workshops & single owner situations (where the setup issues and quirks are well accommodated). If someone is building out their home shop, that’s a pretty decent machine for a pretty decent price.

Speaking of CL, what’s up with that Bridgeport in Dayton? FYI, we don’t own our enco mill…


It is true that I am lending the Enco mill to the hackerspace, however I really would prefer to leave it there. I don’t have a good space for it at my house and the area in my basement it would have to go is an area I am planning on refinishing into a living space at some point in the future. Further, I remember moving it OUT of a basement when I bought it, and I am really not looking forward to moving it back INTO a basement.

Also, the Hive has paid for some upgrades to the mill (I bought and assembled the DRO, but the hive has paid for the DRO power supply and the scales). So I also feel an obligation to leave it there as long as it is wanted.

I can fully understand if the Hive would like to buy a more capable machine, and I can also understand wanting the Hive to just outright own all of its equipment to prevent problems. If the Hive decides it wants to buy its own machine, I will take it back, but I want it to be clear that I don’t foresee doing that at any time soon.

  • Paul

I certainly appreciate it being there, I have been making use of it, thanks!