3-D Printed Dog / For Photo Shoot

Hive13 has been contacted by Ann Keeling ann@cristofolikeeling.com with a request for a 3-D Printed Dog for a Photo Shoot.

If you are interested, please contact Ann directly.

Hi -
One of my businesses is a luxury brand selling high-end dog bandannas. We are introducing a new size, an Xtra Small, to fit toy/small dogs. After extensive research we cannot source a white dog mannequin to shoot the Xtra Small — see this link for the dog mannequin we currently use: https://www.cristofolibrand.com/shop/p/2020-limited-edition-1-pre-order

I’m wondering if you have a resource that could 3-D print a dog similar to this one at 1/3 to 1/2 half of the size of our current mannequin?

The new dog mannequin would be about 6 inches high x 10 inches long with a body width of about 4.5-5 inches.
Similar idea but not an exact copy — it needs to look like a toy breed such as a toy poodle or miniature schnauzer, etc.
Smooth, white, matte finish.
We do not have a 3d model /.stl.
I have no idea what costs are associated with this, someone suggested Hive13 as a place to start.
If you have any other ideas, i’m totally open — i just need a solution that works and isn’t crazy expensive.

Please let me know if you have questions or need further details in order to provide any feedback.
Thanks in advance,


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