2nd Tuesday Talks

How would everyone feel about doing the “meeting” stuff earlier when there is a talk, or perhaps not doing any formal meetings when it is the 2nd Tuesday speaker talks?

My daughter and I really wanted to catch the talk tonight but when it was 7:30 and we hadn’t started yet. I thought we still maybe able to catch the talk and be home in time for her to get home (being it’s a school night) but then I realized we were going to do intros and that would just cut things too close. We had to leave before the talk which was a bummer.

Now knowing that the talks may not start until 8 we could just wait for the hangout link in the future and stay home. That we could do without changes, I’m just wondering if any one else would like the talks earlier or without intros?

Did the talk get recorded? Maybe the slides could be posted. I know there was some talk about doing a Bio Hacking class. If there was a vote both my daughter and myself would pay to take the class.

x2 on every count.

Even if I had managed to overcome technical difficulties and get something for my two to be distracted by, it would have been way too late for them to not self-destruct.

I also vote to do either no meeting or start earlier if we’re going to have talks.


I uploaded tonight’s presentation to Google Drive. Here’s the link:

I’d like to lead a workshop using the Genomikon kit (last 2 slides). We didn’t discuss/vote on it tonight but I’ll bring it up next meeting.

I’d be OK with starting meetings earlier on talk days in the future, something to discuss.


PS. Shadoxx you can find your .GIF in the presentation on slide 11

Thanks a lot Mike!

I'd vote to replace the meeting with the second Tuesday talks.
If there is a speaker , have the talk at 7:30 to replace the meeting, if no speaker, have a meeting as usual.

John Sikorski. Aka john2pt0

Let's get one of these for the Hive :wink:


Woah…very cool

Cheaper sequencing = win for DIY bio!

TL;DR: Sequencing machine itself is way too expensive for a hackerspace. But the ability to get an entire human genome sequenced for $1000 makes personal genomics more reasonable. Also, if you’re someone hacking genes in plasmids (much smaller than genome) it means you can get your sequence verified for cheap.

In other news…looks like the glowing plant kickstarter guys have competition:

Mike Horwath

OH! I really want to make a glowing plant!