2nd Tuesday March 12th Talk: Learn SMT Soldering


Next month, I will be giving a talk on SMT Soldering. IT WILL BE AIMED AT BEGINNERS. People who are already familiar with hand soldering techniques will still benefit from being introduced to frame making, stencil making and usage of the reflow oven. There will be a very minimal exposure to circuit design software but the focus of the class will be HANDS ON demonstrations and techniques. If you’d like to try your hand at things and have this be more of a “class” there will be the option to purchase a LIMITED NUMBER of small SMT kits on a first-come first-serve basis. (They will probably be FTDI FT232 based USB->TTL converters or something else really simple and easy)

I will be covering:
-Basic terminology, types of parts, requirements (golden rule: you must be able to see the pins to do hand soldering)
-Hand soldering: tack+drag, when it can be used effectively
-Reflow soldering: reflow oven, manual solder paste application
-Reflow soldering: reflow oven, stencil workup (making stencils, making frames, solder paste application)

With a little practice and the tools available to you at the Hive, you too can make quality circuit boards using surface mount components. Now that we have a functioning reflow oven, even BGA and QFN packages that defy hand soldering will be fair game. Come, learn and give it a go!

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Hey Dave ,

Anything planned for this Friday ?!?

I personally don’t have any plans for this Friday. Separate thread for discussion?