2nd Tuesday in November - Lean Patent Protection for the Start-Up

Join us at the HIVE at this coming Tuesday's meeting, Nov. 13,
starting at 7:30pm. Local IP lawyer, Vance VanDrake of Ulmer & Berne
LLP, will be the featured guest speaker. He will talk about
Intellectual Property protection for the start-up. See http://www.hive13.org/?p=881

Guests and first-time visitors are welcome to attend!

Many are aware of the “lean start-up” model for early stage
businesses. This model encourages start-up companies to create a
minimum viable product (MVP); then iterate as the technology develops
and customer feedback is received. At its core, this model recognizes
the risks of trying to guess what the customer wants and where the
technology will head.

Vance will present a companion “lean”, or Minimum Viable Patent (MVP)
model, which mirrors the lean start-up model and shares the same
benefits of flexibility, low initial cost, and optimization.


P.S. - The HIVE's 2nd Tuesday Guest Speaker Program is always looking
for new and interesting speakers to share topics of general interest
to the HIVE membership. Suggestions and offers for topics and
speakers are encouraged and welcome. The schedule is always on the
2nd Tuesday of the month, each month (duh). Help us stay relevant and
let us know what you'd like to see in future presentations.