2701 member storage

I'm picking up my storage box today from the old space and was wondering if the spaces in 2701 are ready for use. Or should i just bring the box hone four a bit?



I believe that it was reported yesterday that all member storage that has been assigned is ready to use.

Hopefully someone who was actually there yesterday can confirm that shelves A1-A12, B1-B12, and C1-C12 are finished and ready to use.


Kevin M.

Thanks Kevin. I thought i saw that too but couldn’t find it again.

Is there a way for members to access the new space yet. If like to out the box where it belongs instead of my basement.


Members do have access, send me a message on Slack and I'll walk you through it, we can't post it on the open mailing list yet.

Thanks Kevin but I’m really not familiar with slack. Could you email me instructions or i can meet you down there next time you’ll be there?

Anyone may email leadership@hive13.org and we will respond with the instructions