2701 Electrical Workdays - Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm

We have everything we need to actually pull our electrical cable now, so please! come help out this weekend! No particular skill is required for what we need to do, it will be 100% drilling holes, driving screws, and pulling cables. Anyone with power drills and hammer drills, please bring them, as well as ladders useful for reaching the ~11.5ft ceiling. Eye protection and masks are necessary both for COVID concerns and for overhead work involving mounting things to the cement ceiling.

I will be leading the workday Saturday, Dave Velzy will be leading the workday Sunday. I plan to order pizza for everyone who helps Saturday. Please post here which day(s) you plan to come and try to balance it so we have a similar number each day.


Kevin M.

Start time 10:00 am

End 3:00 pm or so.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
It’s also good to know who plans to come when.

I’ll swing by Saturday.

I got a nice little metal media table at the auction site. I’ll bring it by then.

I will come help on Saturday.

I’ll come both days, probably around 11 for both.

I’ll plan to be there Saturday at 10AM, and hopefully Sunday too.
See ya there,

  • Todd

I’m planning on being down Saturday at 10-ish. Sunday is a definite maybe.


  1. What door do we go in?
  2. Is there a way to contact someone if we can’t get in?
  3. Any tools needed or potentially useful?

Thanks, John Clark

I’ll be there Sunday. 10am till…

Enter 2701 at this ‘RECEIVING’ door on Saturday and Sunday.
We will leave the door open. Follow the signs to Hive13 on the 3rd floor.

Check Slack Announcements channel for contact phone numbers.

How did today go? I have spousal clearance to join tomorrow around 11:30. Should I bring any tools?

It went well. Sunday we will be running cable from panels to boxes along the ceiling. Tall ladders like a little giant would be helpful.


I’m sorry I am not going to be able to make it down there as I’d hoped. If there is more to do after today I can come one day this week or next weekend.