2701 Electrical Weekend Workdays - Saturday 6/20 and Sunday 6/21 10:00am-3:00pm

Thank you all for helping last weekend and this Thursday evening.

We got so much done, that we should do it again. Woodshop wire and boxes are in place. Now we need to run the wire to the lasers and machine shop.

No particular skill is required for what we need to do, it will be 100% drilling holes, driving screws, and pulling cables. Anyone with power drills and hammer drills, please bring them, as well as ladders useful for reaching the ~11.5ft ceiling. Eye protection and masks are necessary both for COVID concerns and for overhead work involving mounting things to the cement ceiling.

Kevin McLeod will be leading the workday Saturday, Dave Velzy will be leading the workday Sunday. We plan to order pizza for everyone who helps. Please post here which day(s) you plan to come and try to balance it so we have a similar number each day.

Soon it will be time to start moving in!!! Yea! If you have left over moving boxes that we can use, PLEASE bring them to the Old Hive13 address.


Dave V.