[2600] Talk announcement for Dec 7, 2012 Meeting

I am hoping to give a talk at the Friday, Dec 7 meeting.

The topic will be server security in the world of virtual servers. It
will be aimed at LAMP-style applications running on Linux servers in a
VMWare ESXi environment. I will be presenting a model that leverages
security mechanisms available for conventional servers as well as
enhancements available from the virtual environment.

Assuming everything comes together, there will be a new 8-core server
at the hive with a test environment configured in time for the
Attendees will be encouraged to violate security after being fully
briefed on the configuration as part of the talk.
Yes, "hack this server" will follow the talk. :slight_smile:

The server hardware is supposed to arrive in the next couple days.
Assuming I have time to get everything set up properly, I'm looking
forward to this as a fun opportunity for people to learn about
security in a Virtual environment and also get their hands dirty.

If there is a 2600 list or whatever, it would be appreciated if
someone in the know can forward this along.