So I’ve acquired several Honeywell security camera’s and just curious if anyone knows or suggest a good supply setup for them

is the spec sheet, the power line says 12vdc or 24vac or it be safe just to wire it to a old AT power supply 12vdc and call it done ? :stuck_out_tongue:

or am I looking at some kinda resister rigging to burn off some the wattage to get it under 2.8W

been longgggg time since I even looked at power systems not gonna lie im stupidly rusty.

12vdc is pretty much a standard in access control/security/video systems.

I’m a big fan of these:


It’s a 16 channel 12vdc power supply from monoprice.


Your 12vdc power supply will work. The 2.8 watts listed for this camera means that’s how much it will draw at 12vdc. As long as the power supply can provide at least that much it doesn’t matter if the power supply can provide more.

One on the advantage of the 24 VAC is possibility to use a small transformer directly connected to the electric network for each camera. You don’t have to put 12 V wires on each camera location.
On the other hand, with the 12 VDC power supply you could put a UPS to keep running your camera even when the network is down.