24 volts fan for Shapoko

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a 24 volts DC fan to use on the shapeoko for cooling down the Gshield. Is anyone have this for donation?
the perfect size will be around 40 mm to 40 mm but I could handle a different shape and size.


Did you sort through the fans?
There are quite a few to choose from, in the blue bins near the electronics space.

I have check on the gray bins but most of them are 12 volts. I am currently using a 12 volts one from this bin with an additional power supply. I would like to use the same power supply that is used for the Gshield. I found some on amazon for a few $ but the shipping costs are too high


Use two - 12V fans in series.

If I could avoid this, I will… It is for mounting on the shapoko and there is a little room left for one fan. If no one has a 24 volts fan, I will submit to vote for buying one:


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Thought about a 7812 voltage regulator and a capacitor or two? I probably have one if the hive doesn’t.

I have several of linear and switching regulator for this. I just want to keep it as simple as possible. I have back-up Solution but I would rather the one with a 24 V Fan.

Thank you for your advices, thought. :blush:


Perhaps someone has an old 1U server case with one of the 40mm fans available? One downside comes to mind. To move any appreciable air at this size, these fans are generally screaming loud. If we could fit a larger one by 3d printing a housing, it might help with general noise in the hive.

With that said, several of us have Amazon Prime subscriptions which could eliminate the shipping cost. It does limit the selection to items with amazon fulfillment. If we can keep it under $15 or so, I’ll just order one. Voting a cheapo fan seems more trouble that its worth.

How about:
This http://www.amazon.com/Connector-Brushless-0-15A-Blower-Cooling/dp/B00H8VV0XK/
this http://www.amazon.com/Evercool-25mm-3-15-0-98-Bearing/dp/B005GSF1EG/
or this? http://www.amazon.com/URBEST®DC-10mm-Blade-Brushless-Cooling/dp/B00NWJD8A0/

Usually the tangential fan (first link) are very noisy but have a big air flow. I would prefer an axial one. I don’t think the noise coming from the fan will be a big issue. First, because when the shapeoko is running the spindle will make more noise than anything. Secondly because the noise of this kind of fan is around 28 db at 1 m. It is about the same level as a bedroom…

I have already planned to 3D print a enclosure for the electronic boards. I think that this one will be perfect:


Ryan if you could order it, we still could vote for it after you buy it.


Done. It’s estimated to arrive on Sunday.

Great! The 3D model is already done.