2022 Annual Meeting and Leadership Nominations


SATURDAY JULY 23rd at Hive13
Potluck at noon, business at 2 pm

Nominations for next year’s board and officers are OPEN.

Please nominate members you think would be suitable for Hive13 leadership in this post!

You can read more about the individual roles on our wiki, or feel free to ask the current folks in the roles!

You can self nominate, or nominate a member you think would be suited for the role! (Please discuss this with them beforehand first though!)

The roles that will be up for election are:

  • 5 Board of Director positions
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Nominations will close on SATURDAY JULY 16th.

This is a great time to get involved with Hive13 leadership! We’re at an all time membership high and our capabilities continue to grow. Plus, we’re slowly rebuilding our socialization skills with the return of events! So, if you have big ideas, or a passion to do more for Hive13, consider running for a leadership position!

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Are any (or all) of the incumbents seeking re-election?

I’d also like to point out that you can nominate yourself :slight_smile:

I nominate Jim Dallam for Treasurer.

I am self-nominating for another term as COO.

@dasheight-8 Some are! I personally am not.