2021 Leadership Nominations

Hi all!
Our annual meeting will take place on July 20th 2021.
Please nominate members in this thread that you feel would be suitable for Hive13 leadership. You can read more about the individual duties on our wiki.
The roles that will be up for election are;

  • President
  • Chief operations office (COO)
  • Chief Technology officer (CTO)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 5 board members

You can self nominate, or nominate a member you think would be suited for the role. Please discuss the nomination with the person beforehand though.

We’re in a really fantastic position in Hive13 history where we’ve really fleshed out the new space, and are beginning to get in person events started again. It’s a really great time to get new traditions started, and show off what this new space can do!

I will self nominate for Chief operations office (COO).
I once again realized how awesome Hive13 is when we talked at length to someone for another makerspace on Sunday.
But there is plenty of room for the Hive to get even better.

John Clark

I would like to nominate Kevin McLeod for COO. He is a good leader and passionate about the warden program.

I would like to nominate:

Heath Blanford as Secretary (He’s a pleasure to have around the hive, and brings the right type of “let’s have fun” energy to our operations)
Drew Kirkman as CTO (Once again, thanks for everything Drew!)
and Chris Hodapp as a Director (Chris has been part of the hive since the beginning, and always has good insight on how we got where we are)

I will also accept my nomination to run for COO. If elected, I would really like to focus on energizing our Warden program, Bringing our Certifications and Classes to the forefront of our activities, and enable general members to be more involved in all our improvement projects and decision making processes.

Kevin M.

I’d also like to nominate Paul Vincent for a Director position. He has two kids, and is very busy, but he manages to stay engaged with out community and has a great history with the hive, and offers good insight on what works and doesn’t.

I’ll also Nominate Dave Velzy for a Director position… I’ve been trying to write a reason for each person I nominate, but c’mon, everyone knows how much Velzy has done for us of the last few years, of course we still want him involved!

I nominate Tara Keller for President. She has been doing all sorts of cool stuff at the hive, making everyone jealous of her custom electronics and retro gaming refurb projects. She has past experience leading/organizing group events and has been doing a great job reminding people the hive is a place to have fun making cool stuff!

I nominate Chris Davis for a Director position. He consistently provides great insight, and genuinely enjoys working on the Hive and improving it in any way he can

I nominate Kayla Lukawiecki for President. She’s done a stellar job in cat herding our meetings as secretary, and I look forward to seeing her leading Hive13 into this year of growth we have in front of us!

I accept my nomination for re-election to the board. I’ve been actively involved with Hive13 organization and infrastructure for a couple of years now, and would enjoy continuing that work as a Director.


I nominate Kate Cook for a Director position on Hive13’s board. She has mad skills ranging from office manager to professional farmer, radio personality to media celebrity. Her classes at the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) conferences receive rave reviews. Kate has extensive social media marketing skills that would be of huge benefit to Hive 13. Kate has served on the board of directors of the Northside Farmer Market.

I’d like to nominate Jim Dallam for Treasurer.

Actually I’m seconding Jim’s nomination by Brad Walsh on SLACK.

Thanks Dave (and Brad). I accept the nomination(s) and, if elected, will willingly serve for another year to the best of my ability. JimD

An update after the board meeting this evening:

I proposed the creation of a new Vice President officer position and we as the board voted to implement it. There were no objections from anybody present at the meeting.

The primary intention for the VP role is twofold:

  • backup for the President when they are not able / available to fulfill their duties
  • start the implementation of a “leadership pipeline” - the idea is that a member interested in being president or another leadership role would serve as VP first.

The vote to elect our first VP will be included in the regular annual meeting we will be sending out the ballot for tomorrow.

I’d like to nominate Tara Keller for VP. She’s already proved her bonafides in organizing and holding our first retro gaming event, and her past experience in volunteer organizations will be a great help as well.

I would have preferred to bring the proposal up for general discussion and review, but the timing and circumstances were a bit last minute — first board meeting since nominations opened and Tara came up as a great candidate, yet still time to add the position to the ballot.

If anybody else is interested in running, yes the position is open to more nominations.

Chris Davis


I accept my nomination for Vice President, thank you!

Additionally, I decline my nomination for President.