2020 Hive13 Leadership Election Nominations

As is the case every year, our annual meeting and elections will be coming up shortly in July. The date for the annual meeting has not yet been set, but we will announce it shortly after this coming Monday’s board meeting. Nominations must close one week before the annual meeting.

This thread is the place to announce your Nominations for this year’s leadership candidates. You are welcome to nominate yourself, or a fellow member (just make sure they are ok with it first) for any position. There are 10 positions that must be filled:

  • 5 positions on the Board of Directors
  • 5 Elected Officers
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer

The roles and responsibilities for each of these positions are enumerated in the bylaws, found here: wiki.hive13.org/view/Bylaws

In addition to what is spelled out in the Bylaws, to be effective as a leader, it is very helpful for members considering a position to be:

  • Active in the community, including:
  • Attending Hive13 events
  • Following and engaging in mailing list conversations
  • Following and engaging in Slack conversations- Able to attend Board Meetings
  • Typically first or second Monday of every month
  • Perfectly ok to attended via Google Meet- Excited about making Hive13 an better place and community
  • it’s always nice to have fresh new views of what this means
  • if you have a different vision for what the hive should be, this is a great way to make it happen
    Please consider whether you or a member you know would be willing to make a contribution to Hive13 by taking on a leadership role, it is very much appreciated and always nice to have new members cycling through leadership.


Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Secretary

Of course I miised something:

In order to be eligible to be Nominated as an Officer or a Director, a person must be a Full Member (or equivalent) as defined earlier in the Membership Addendum for three consecutive months.

I nominate Lisa Crump for a director position. If she wishes to be considered for an officer role I will update my nomination.

Lisa has been a very active member since she joined last year and has had an incredibly positive impact on the Hive13 community. She showed strong leadership by compiling a list of requirements for a sewing area, putting it up for vote and following through to purchase and set up the equipment and space. She will make an excellent leader regardless of the role she takes on.

Dave Schwinn

I nominate Drew Kirkman to continue in the role of CTO.

CTO is a critical position for Hive13 and I feel that continuity in the role is important. Drew has done an outstanding job and has followed through on his commitments even when it has meant coming home from a busy day in IT to do IT for Hive13. Thank you for the last year of service!

Dave Schwinn

I nominate Dave Schwinn for a director position.

He is a source of inspiration, who has many innovative ideas. His forward thinking will help to bring new creative capabilities (and glitter) to the Hive.

I nominate Jim Dallam to continue in his role as CFO of Hive13.

CFO is another role where I feel continuity is important. Jim has done an amazing job managing Hive13’s finances. He is very conscientious, transparent and persistent with our financial position. Jim is forward looking and has shown unparalleled integrity. It cannot be overstated how useful Jim has been as we have made the bold leap to move to a new space. In addition to his role as CFO his calm and considerate personality helps ground the board in daily decision making. There is no greater champion for Hive13 than Jim.

Dave Schwinn

I nominate Gautam Saaraswath (AKA Gotham) for a board of directors role.

Gotham is a recent new member and has jumped in with both feet in the way I wish everyone would. I’ve known Gotham for several years prior to him joining Hive13 and was delightedly surprised when he showed up for a Tuesday meeting and joined. Gotham is a very kind and considerate person with a lot of cool and innovative ideas. I think he would be exciting “new blood” for the board of directors.

Dave Schwinn

I’d like to nominate Scott Hively to be on the Board of Directors once again, he has been on the board for the past year, and has made nearly every meeting, has offered insightful guidance on how we can maintain a welcoming culture at Hive13, and generally cares about the wellbeing of the organization.


Kevin M.

I would like to nominate Dave Velzy to continue in his current role as COO in the coming year.

Dave has done an outstanding job in what is the most demanding officer position. He is experienced, level-headed, and pro-active. A particular example of his excellent leadership is the speedy and successful restoration of the nearly totaled large laser after a late night accidental fire inside the laser enclosure. Dave’s outreach into the Camp Washington Business Association made the initial contact that identified the pending availability of the new space at 2701SG. Dave continues to be instrumental in all phases of the move from 2929SG to 2701SG; from negotiating the lease, to procuring the electrical parts for the build-out, and driving the fork truck as we start to move heavy machines into the new space. He even managed to find time to be the contact to support the Loveland High School Bionic Tigers FIRST Robotics Team’s build at Hive13 during this past year.

The Hive is well served with his hand on the helm of our transition into the new space in the coming year.


I would like to nominate Kayla Lukawiecki for Secretary.

She has been a Pied Piper bringing new people to the Hive with Needlecraft nights and is wonderful at making people feel welcome.
She is a great people person and is good at directing people to the correct resource when she is not able to answer a question.

Nominations will remain open till 11:55 pm on Sunday, June 28th, 2020.

I also have two nominations I’d like to make.

First, I’d like to nominate Dave Velzy for a Board of Directors Position. Dave has been COO the last year, but before that he was on the Board, and through both those spans on leadership he has provided incredible service to our organization and has led the charge for several long-neglected Board tasks, like having the bylaws reviewed and edited by a lawyer, reviewed our insurance and found us a new insurance policy to better protect the organization, worked on developing a privacy policy and updated membership agreement, and negotiated us an incredible lease opportunity at our new location, among many, many more routine tasks he has stayed on top of. All his work has been exemplary of the type things our Board Members can do for the organization.

My second nomination is for Brian Wingate for COO. Brian has been a cheery face and an active helping hand in the hive’s projects from the moment he joined. He is regularly involved in cleanups, hive improvement projects, and our move as well as maintaining his list of personal projects (like the largest dining table Hive13 has ever seen). He is familiar with most of the equipment in our “Wards” and has a great working relationship with many of our members and wardens, I think he will be well equipped to revive our warden program post-covid. Brian would be well supported in the role, and having a fresh face in the COO position would allow Dave V. and the rest of us who have been working hard on other aspects of the hive to not be stretched so thin that we snap before the move to the new space is complete.


Kevin M.

I’d also like to nominat Chris Hodapp to run for Board again. His long history with Hive13 and ability to remember how past issues have been handled/resolved has been incredibly valuable in the board meetings the last year.

I’d like to nominate Chris Davis for a Board of Directors position. He has a long history being involved with Hive13 and has seen it evolve and grow. He’s clearly enthusiastic about the potential of the new space. He has knowledge in varied fields with great ideas to contribute, as well as the ability to effectively collaborate. He’s able to reign others’ in when they get off track to keep focus on the task at hand.

I’d like to nominate Dave Schwinn for President. It is plainly clear that he is extremely vocal, involved, energetic and encouraging. (I don’t think he can control himself to be anything other those things actually) I think has the exact type of personality we need in the new-normal that is the world for the foreseeable future. Additionally, he meets my level of acceptance for sparkly shiny things.

Nominations close on the 28th. If you are considering any additional nominations, please post them in the next 6 days.


Kevin M.
Hive13 Secretary

REMINDER: Nominations close tonight at 11:55 PM. To summarize, here is the official nomination list so far:

Dave Schwinn

Brian Wingate
Dave Velzy

Jim Dallam

Kayla Lukawiecki

Drew Kirkman

Board of Directors:
Lisa Crump
Gautam Saaraswath
Scott Hively
Chris Hodapp
Chris Davis
Dave Velzy
Dave Schwinn

After nominations are closed, I will send a preview of all survey questions on this year’s annual meeting ballot before the survey links go out on July 1. Voting will be open until the evening of July 14th. A quorum of 50% of total Hive13 membership is required to certify the results, so please participate in this year’s election.

I wish to withdraw my nomination for the Board of Directors role and keep my nomination for the role of President. If I were to be elected for both roles this would reduce the number of people in leadership to 9 and give me two roles - something that Hive13 has generally preferred to avoid.

Please self-nominate me for the Board of Directors.

I’m withdrawing my nomination for COO and keep my nomination for Board Member.

Brian Wingate is very capable and can bring new energy to the COO position.
He will have my complete support as he and the Wardens work to get our new space in operating order.

It would please me to serve as a board member and continue helping make Hive13 Awesome.

Dave Velzy

Nominations for the 2020-2021 election year are now closed. For your convenience, I have attached screen captures of the survey questions. Survey links will go out on Wednesday. Once again, this annual election is defined in the bylaws as a “Vote of the Membership” thus we must meet quorum so please participate. Voting will be open until the evening of July 14th which is the date of our annual meeting this year.