2019 Annual Meeting Online Voting

Greetings Hivers,

This is a reminder that, just like last year, the special meetings votes
(bylaws/elections) will be ONLINE ONLY. I will be sending out ballots
shortly. You should receive a link to your ballot via your primary email
in intweb. If you do not receive a ballot, or you have trouble accessing
it, please let me know.

Ian Blais, CTO (for now)

Apologies, the ballots I just sent out were missing Scott Hively from
the Board of Directors candidate list. This has been corrected. If you
already completed the survey you can click the link again to update your
selections. If you currently have the survey open, please refresh.

- Ian B.

Ian, I think we still have a problem with the ballot.

When I move the sliders on the board members, it updates the remaining/total counts as it should…


Is anyone else seeing this?

That’s odd. I just tested it on mine and it appears to be working correctly. Have you tried refreshing?

  • Ian B.

Refreshing didn’t help. I had to clear my cookies in order for it to count my votes.

Please note that without closing and reopening the ballot I would not have known the votes didn’t count.

My confidence in our voting system has been shaken. (How I like my martinis, not my trust.)


You should get an email confirming you participation once the votes are counted.

Weird, mine didn’t need cookies cleared, perhaps it depends on the browser. If anyone else has that issue, try clearing cache/cookies and then refreshing. Unfortunately among 90ish people using a web app the odds are good that one or two are going to experience some sort of browser issue. The best we can do is fix them as we become aware of them.

  • Ian B.

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I don’t want to make another thread and shit on things so I’m going to leave this here.

" 1. Notice of Annual Meetings shall be given at least ten (10) days but no more than sixty (60) days before the meeting date. "

“5. For a meeting where elections are held, the notice shall state the names of all Members who are nominees for office.”

This part of bylaw procedures effectively means that people need to have their names submitted prior to the annual meeting being announced. Considering we have often struggled to find people to fill all positions, I don’t think this is wise. The way I read this sets up a situation of conflict between advance time required for announcing annual meetings and stating the names of members who are nominees. I voted yes to this but I think the language needs more work for clarity. Revise for next year.

-Dave B.

Reminder: If you haven't voted yet, please do so. We need a certain
number of votes in order to reach quorum. If you haven't received your
ballot let me know, we have had at least one instance of it being caught
by a junk filter.

- Ian B.

Come on people, we're really close to quorum. Do you really want to have
to debate all those bylaws changes again next year? If you are a member
and you have not received an invite, let me know soon. Remember the
voting is ONLINE ONLY, please do not come to the meeting expecting to
vote in-person.

- Ian B.

First things first I agree, go vote!

Also to be fair, we are likely to just going to have new bylaw changes next year to debate on, no matter if these pass or not.

True, but debating the same ones again would be so much worse. Don’t believe me? Ask Sisyphus.

  • Ian B.