2019 Annual Election Results

Hello Hivers,

I am happy to report that, for the first time in the history of Hive13,
we have a full roster of 10 members of leadership with no overlap
between Officers and Board. Without further ado here are the summarized
results of the 2019 Election:

President: Will Bauer
Secretary: Kevin McLeod
Treasurer: Jim Dallam
CTO: Greg Arnold
COO: Dave Velzy

Board of Directors:
Chris Hodapp
Nancy Graf
Scott Hively
Dave Lear
Dave Schwinn

Bylaws Changes:
Modify Membership Classes, Dues and Amendments to avoid conflict with
the membership addendum: PASSED
Remove Obsolete References to Laser Minutes (Membership Addendum
2.2.(a).v): PASSED
Modify Purposes (1.2): PASSED
Modify Elected Officers/Elections (6.5.2): PASSED
Modify Contributors (Membership addendum 4.1): PASSED
Clarify Meeting Notification Rules (3.1.3,3.3,3.4): PASSED
Replace Wardens Addendum: PASSED
Modify New Wardens Addendum (4.3): FAILED
Modify New Wardens Addendum (4.4) (Kevin): PASSED
Modify New Wardens Addendum (4.4) (Daniel): FAILED
Modify New Wardens Addendum (5): FAILED
Replace Votes of the Membership (4) (Greg): PASSED
Replace Votes of the Membership (4) (Daniel): FAILED
Section 4 Tiebreaker: N/A (Only one passed)

Please find the full ballot results attached in csv format.


Ian Blais, No Longer CTO*

* Freeeeeeedooooooom!!!!!

Hive13_Annual_Elections_2019-export.csv (34 KB)

IanB: Let me be among the first to thank you for your service and tell you this was a job well done. In the Hive's climb on our shared journey towards continuous improvement (and ultimate perfection, ha!) your management of this year's election process has been the best yet. You have set a high bar for Greg and the rest of us to maintain and improve upon going forward. Thank you again, JimD

Awesome job on the election, you brought us into the 21st-century. :rocket:

Thanks Ian!

Sorry to everyone for the blast of emails that I just sent, but I wanted to make sure results were recorded in each discussion thread so that people looking at them in the future can easily find the results.