2016 Annual Elections - Absentee Voting

If you would prefer to vote remotely for this year's elections, an online form is available at the address below. Voting will remain open for seven days, or until quorum is reached. Whichever takes longer.


Please feel free to reply to me directly if there are questions regarding this form.

- Ry

We need to have someone else run the voting. I see a conflict of interest with you running the survey monkey votes while running for an office that is contested.

Can we have someone of a neutral nature run voting and counting of the votes? For the past few years it been ran ( or counted) by someone who is currently running or a position.

Daniel -

I agree with you. My thought is to hand the survey monkey account over to Ian Blais, as he is running unopposed for CTO and not in contention for a board slot. As you may recall from previous elections, we also have multiple people count the ballots on election night to ensure no errors creep into the process.

Per the bylaws, the online voting had to begin this evening and no one else was available to set it up.

  • Ry

Wow… Daniel, was that really necessary? It’s hard enough to get things done around the Hive without people being shitty. Perhaps next time you could offer a solution rather than tearing someone down who volunteered their time trying to act in the best interests of the hive? The Hive is a small group of volunteers, trying to work together. If you don’t want to work with the other folks that are involved, don’t be involved - simple solution. Ryan took the initiative to do something that needed to be done according to our bylaws. I don’t see any impartial party jumping to do this. Perhaps you should take a look at yourself and try to find a little gratitude for the people who actually get things done before being so critical? I quite frankly am pissed off that you would even insinuate that Ryan would act with impropriety.

Guys, can we not do this? Just for the novelty value? I’m over my argument limit for the week already.

Daniel is right. There is a possible conflict of interest here, and I didn’t take his comment as a personal attack.

I’d been hoping that one of the Ians could take this on, but their work schedules did not allow this to happen precisely when required. I’ll hand the credentials to the polling account over to Ian Blais (and have him change the password so I’m unable to see the results) when we’re next able to connect.

  • Ry

I will respect your wishes and drop it. Silenced.

I have now taken over managing the online voting.

  • Ian B.

Dave, I will dress your email in points.
1 yes I felt it was necessary to have an unbiased person running the election.
2 I never accused ryan of acting inappropriately.
3. I even offered a solution for someone else to handle counting.
4. Ryan agreed with having an unbiased member (Ian B is who he mentioned) to run the election tally.
5. You have been jumping down my throat for quite a while (years to be exact.) I have offered before and will offer again if you have a problem with feel free to come to me privately instead of trying to cause a public conflict. If not feel free to feel “pissed off” at your incorrect assumption that I accused Ryan of anything. Either way I will not continue this public back and forth of what I am afraid will turning into an Internet screaming match.
6.I stated this was a conflict of interest. It is. A conflict of interest purely means that there is a conflict not that Ryan would do anything improperly. Again Ryan agreed that there is a conflict.
7. The Hive (not so small anymore.) Has always been about transparency. Previous elections have not shown this. We are also using a private survey site. Without making these public and a contested office candidate (ryan or otherwise) it can appear (if it happened or not) as a rigged tallying, which could call for a recount. Which brings me to #8
8. An election is meant to have to have a level of privacy with who you voted for. By having a candidate of a contested position doing counting on the private survey site, which you have to post your name ruins that privacy.

Ryan: thank you for Setting up the survey monkey page and for running for an office. Also I appriciate your willingness to hand over the page to a unbiased party.


There are no write in options on the ballot any where :frowning: lol

Bill paid extra for this service. I’ve got to get my kickbacks somewhere, right?

  • Ry

This is missing the Bylaw Amendment proposal, Is it able to be modified to add the bylaw amendment or will this be its own vote?

I believe the survey can be edited, however I am uncertain how this will effect those who have already voted. I will therefore create an additional survey for the Bylaw Amendment Proposal later this morning.

  • Ian B.

If you are voting remotely, please use the following link to vote on the proposed bylaws change:


- Ian B.