11,500 Sq. Ft. Floor Plan Discussion, Concepts, and Comments

I didn’t want to clog the vote thread with discussion, but I wanted to point out that if the 11,500 Sq. Ft. plan is voted yes, we will have a relatively compressed schedule to get ourselves moved out of the current space. Because of that, I’d like to get our discussion and design work done during this week where the vote is still pending, so that if/when we vote to do the immediate expansion, we can start building immediately.

I have designed and posted one possible floor plan, my original concept is linked in the wiki page, as well as an updated version is attached to this email. In the color copy, Magenta is stuff we have, Cyan is stuff we want, but don’t yet have.

Please feel free to provide feedback, comments, or alternate ideas/sketches here in this thread, though the majority of conversation and most up-to-date versions will be on Slack in the #2701_transition channel. Please provide input as early as you can, as we will likely want to adopt a plan to build to on the thursday move meeting immediately following the vote passing.

I’ll happily try to include or incorporate any and all ideas provided, though please keep in mind that there are 113 of us, and we often have opposing goals/desires, so there will inherently need to be compromises.


Kevin M.

InitialMoveLayout_2020-03-13A.pdf (131 KB)

InitialMoveLayout_2020-03-13A_monochrome.pdf (131 KB)

Here is a version revised based on discussion yesterday on slack.

Is anyone working on an alternate floor plan that means I should hold off on doing electrical layout for the 11.5K floorplan, or is everyone comfortable enough with what I put together that it’s safe for me to move forward this evening after work with laying out circuit locations?

InitialMoveLayout_2020-03-17.pdf (119 KB)

InitialMoveLayout_2020-03-17_monochrome.pdf (119 KB)