X limit switch on gigabot is broken

I was using the gigabot today, and when it homed, the wires got caught on something which bent the lugs for the x limit switch. I started my print and as the head started to travel out, one of the lugs broke off of the switch. Is there a spare parts box somewhere that might have one in it, or should I just leave a note on it?

Well my gcode was crap so I left a note.

There should be a few extra switches in the “Ultrabot” white cardboard box. Although the form factor may not be exact. Equivalently crappy switches also available at radio shack.

If I find time tomorrow I’ll stop by to fix it…


Switch has been fixed thanks to Dave’s ninja soldering. However, it’s very fragile and should be considered temporary.

…AAAAND the switch is broken again. I was working on leveling the bed as I noticed one side was a bit lower than the other. That’s been fixed and the bed is very level now (we used a dial indicator) but the limit switch fix got broken off by the tangle of wires.

Unfortunately while the bed is level, the prints start ~3mm above the print bed? Is the printer head supposed to be “stored” below the surface of the print bed while heating? I’m not sure I understand the logic in this, or perhaps my GCODE is wrong. I thought it just lifted up to travel, but not permanently. This might be good for someone who is more experienced in the gigabot to say if this is normal or not. It’s probably just a good idea to let it set until the meeting tomorrow.

-Jim Shealy

This is almost comic.

Let’s plan on having a quick gigabot conference after the meeting tomorrow night…the switch is a very easy replacement, just a question of finding/ordering one.

After leveling the bed, it’s usually necessary to adjust the screw that hits the z-stop. Not sure if that might be the issue. Also, thanks for leveling it!


I adjusted the z stop to compensate for the bed moving around during leveling, but that's where the issue came in. I didn't want to change anything further for free it was just my gcode and the next person would slam the print head into the bed.