What would incentivize you to be an area warden?

To get the ball rolling on area warden idea for the next board meeting (the next one should be announced in the next week or two) I want to see what would incentivize people to be area wardens.

The top ones that have been brought up are laser minutes and possibly an allotment of 3d printer filament.

What would be other good “payments” for taking over an area as an area warden?


Pumping station one give free membership to their area managers. I have a contact on their board if we want to discuss with a Hackerspace that has successfully implemented this kind of thing

I'm already wardening an area, but feel free to incentivize me :slight_smile:

On a more serious note, I have no new ideas for what said incentive should be (I do like laser minutes :)). However, I do think that if we are going to be offering any kind of incentive then we also need a more specific definition of what "wardening" entails. If there is to be an actual reward then there should be clearly defined duties that are required to qualify for said reward. As the "adopt-a-corner" system currently stands, people are free to "adopt" an area then wander off and forget about it (I am guilty of this myself, but have been trying to make some headway in the lounge recently).

Just my 10 cents,
- "Dark" Ian

Just so you guys know, the area wardens are just a general concept right now. All of the details about what a warden is, what they are responsible for doing, etc. (all the details) are going to be worked out at the board meeting.

Right now, we just want an idea of what other things would motivate people. :slight_smile:

Ah. Well then feel free to ignore the first 27 and last 89 words of my reply and simply leave it at "I like laser minutes :)".

Dark Ian

Haha, yeah. It will definitely be more formal than just “adopt and area” and people will be held a bit more accountable.

Dave, I originally liked the idea, but I have some thoughts about it. I’d rather not discuss details here and would just like to see everyone’s ideas. :slight_smile: