What have people been dreaming about putting up for vote?

Kevin mentioned in slack that jewelry casting was on his radar. I’d like to see that put up to vote in the near future. I haven’t done any research yet, but I can’t imagine it being too expensive, not counting silver stock, which imo should be the responsibility of the member casting it.

my initial research on that was putting the full setups needed to do it well at around ~10k for new equipment, or 2/3rd that if you are able to find reasonably well cared for used equipment. I think it will be a few years before we can put that up for vote…

As I see it, we still have a lot of expenses involved in making our new home the home we want it to be.
BUT, we don’t have to be stuck in the income stream that is limiting us.
What can we do?
We can get more members. I get the impression that we are about on the right track with that. But maybe even this could use a little help.
We can get more Cornerstone members. That seems to be growing in fits and starts. I’m guessing we can help that along.
Amazon Smile. We have barely mentioned that to anyone. Why is that not predominantly on the front page of our website?
Other ideas:
A membership level about Cornerstone.
Outside donations. (We are a charity after all.)
What are your ideas? I’m sure there are a lot better ideas that I haven’t thought of.
Come to the weekly meeting tonight and let’s brainstorm this.

One of the big sources of income that comes with being a non-profit includes grants. Worth considering. The makerspace we joined here in Georgia gets a ton of grants (though they have a dedicated position that is paid that is responsible for grant writing).


The comment about grants is a good idea. I was talking to a friend over the weekend about the robotics group that his son is in locally. I don’t remember the exact amount, but they got something like $15,000 from Microsoft and Samsung in the last few months to essentially build autonomous build battle bots.

Many thanks to everyone who pitched in to move Hive13 into 2701sg.

Let’s keep that energy going.

The Public Library has a Grants research center that you can access on line after taking a course - Now also on line. Will B and I did that in early 2019 then ran out of energy. The course teaches, you need a focused effort to raise grant money. Volunteers?

There are always alternatives and ways to lower costs.

Even wish list items like Air Conditioning that are tough for one-time DIY there are ways to save money, - - lower cost equipment.

  • only buying one unit.

  • getting more bids from contractors wanting work in the winter.

  • even asking AC companies to donate to a 501.c.3 charitable organization.

My priorities lean to finishing more of the Hive13 space starting with:

  • dust collection for wood, using the parts we have with minimum purchases.
  • doors for the woodshop made from the wood we have – We will need hinges
  • an exhaust fan and duct for the Kitchen before we put up drywall -
  • installing the three sinks we have
  • compressed air using the black iron pipe we have and going as far as that reaches
  • vertical storage made from the racks and wood that we have

There are probably many ways to get the things we need and stay within our budget.

Each of those solutions will be another example of our Hive13 members ability to MAKE.

Let’s add a discussion on creative ways to make our wish list come true.

I’m with Dave; things that aren’t immediately needed, we should discuss either doing it ourselves, or finding some other way to lower the cost. Getting the AC installed over winter is a good idea. I’ve not seen a group of people as diversely skilled as the hive, there probably isn’t a lot that can’t be done in-house. Personally, I enjoy making things with other people to meet our needs more than just buying a pre-made solution.

I’m of the opinion that we should save money wherever we can, especially right now. There’s a very real possibility that we’re headed into a bad economic downturn, and the longer we can stay operating with minimal income, the better. The hive has played a huge role in keeping me sane the past few months, I really don’t want to see it shut down if a bunch of our members can’t afford it anymore. This is probably a discussion best saved for another time, though.

I’m a professional fundraiser and would be glad to help with preparing grant proposals.


Pamela, We definitely need to talk about grant writing. Perhaps a phone call? Or google meet?

Thank you for offering.

Please let me know what you are thinking.

Hi Dave,

Nothing in particular, just that I have skills in this area and could help out.


There are some other ways of adding cool new stuff to Hive13 without dipping into our funds.

I don’t know the full history of it but I believe the large CNC router was funded by five-ish people, built by Hive13 and then donated to Hive13.

Several of us are currently putting together a basic ceramics studio for Hive13. We have managed to cobble together most of the needed things from donations and loans. I’ve purchased a few items for the cause that have amounted to less than $50.

The albatross vacuum former that has allegedly only been used once is getting love in order to make it walk-up ready for anyone to use. So far it has been just elbow grease and donated parts.

I recently put out a message on Facebook asking for the donation of a large format printer in exchange for a 503c donation receipt. I got a couple bites but the most promising one turned out to be an 11 x 17 photo printer that would have been expensive to feed and really didn’t do much for printing signs, blueprints, clothing patterns, and whatnot. I’m going to keep working on this.

Just today I put out another Facebook post seeking the donation of a functional stackable washer and (electric) dryer, again in exchange for a donation recipe.

There are some areas of interest at Hive13 that don’t need world class equipment to get started. For a jewelry area, just start collecting the tools and materials amongst interested members or donations from friends and family and identify a space to store it and do the activity. Make it a walk up area where amateurs and experts alike can be creative on a budget. If our members become passionate about jewelry-making it’ll be a lot easier to have the conversation about procuring the equipment forge platinum.

Sometimes if you tell the universe what you want/need it is magically provided! Sometimes great things grow from tiny seeds.

Dave Schwinn

Hey everyone!

let’s get this discussion open again. What have people been dreaming of? If we develop a coordinated list, we can actually plan and make these things happen!

post what you want to see, estimate the cost roughly, and voice your support where you like other’s ideas!

A small recording studio

Adding this as a “pie in the sky” idea which might be desired if the Hive13 space expands.

Basic components for the studio:

  • Mixing/Sound board
  • Computer or Laptop with basic recording software (Reaper, audacity, etc)
  • Digital audio interface
  • Microphones
  • Microphone stands
  • Rudimentary sound proofing such as adding insulation to enclosing walls (probably easier the smaller the space)