What do members get?

What is the difference between a member and a regular person?

A non member does not really get access to the space besides possible
future non-member activities (classes, etc). I'm sure if you were
interested in possibly becoming a member, you could come to a few
meetings and maybe stop by to observe some projects taking place on a
work day, but after a sufficient preview I would assume your access
would be suspended until you joined.

We have two membership types:

Contributing Member: Students and members who are going to be putting
in some physical/mental labor for the space regularly pay $35/month.
Or if you simply don't see yourself in the space more than once or
twice a week. You don't get 24/7 access to the space like a full
member would, but would be allowed in with the presence of a full
member (which should be fairly easy to achieve).

Full Members: Full members is a pretty cool guy, gets cool stuff, and
doesn't afraid of anything. He gets full access to everything 24/7,
with occasional crashing on the couch if quorum approves. Monthly dues
are $100/month, but it will totally be worth it.

All in all, it's your decision, though I think we'd all agree we want
more members ;D.


Hmh. Ill see.

Can somebody revoke Xio2’s speaking rights? :slight_smile:

Many have tried and all have failed.

Can somebody revoke Xio2’s speaking rights? :slight_smile:

On Jul 12, 2009 9:07 PM, “Kellykel” <kellam.hi@gmail.com> wrote: > > > Hmh. Ill see.

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XiO2, STFU. :wink:
(hey, that rhymes. hehehe)

Seriously, Kellykel has a good question and there should be an “official” answer. IS there somewhere that we can direct public people who have such questions? FAQ? Wiki?