water dripping in fablab

I kept hearing a drip in the fablab… It is the air conditioner dripping INTO the room and onto the floor behind the black file cabinet (which is now temporarily moved into the lounge).

So does the AC unit need to be tilted more or what? We can’t keep running the AC like that.


It’s probably the angle of the ac, it normally needs to be tilted down out the window to allow proper drainage

it’s now starting to rain here… if the angle is wrong, won’t that mean rain will come in too? Can you fix this?

It shouldn’t, keep an eye on it, it should be fine but I will stop by tonight after I leave here.

The AC is attached to a piece of compressed board (or something) which is attached to a second large piece. A few screws were missing so I added more to hold it back, so its holding for now and I dont see any leaking (gotta let it run for hours before we will know for sure) from the way the boards were acting, we may be having rotting on the larger board. It may be a good idea to get both pieces replaced soon.