VPN Recommendations?

Hello Hive,

Does anyone use VPN’s for normal personal use and/or have a recommendation for a VPN to use? I’m looking into taking advantage of one, although I’m initially wary of experimenting with free offerings, so I’d like to know if there are any you would personally recommend?

Tim W.

If you want a new option that may or may not suit your needs, check out Zerotier. One of my former roommates is the CEO and another works as one of their principal engineers. It’s a semi-configurationless VPN-ish thing that is designed to pierce firewalls and be much easier to deal with than traditional VPNs. I’ve used it with much success for some of the small businesses I support and also for my personal use.

I make extensive use of OpenVPN otherwise as a traditional VPN solution. Mostly on Tomato / OpenWRT / dd-wrt flashed embedded edge routers.


I'll look into those. I don't need anything exceptionally fancy, just looking to beef up my online security and anonymity. Thanks.

Both of these are solutions for secure communications between different endpoints that you control. I.e. being able to access a fileserver that you have at home securely when you’re at the office or the hive.

If you’re looking for a VPN for surfing anonymously, neither of these will work. I personally use Tor for anonymity when I need to. Running off a USB-booted linux install, it’s a good start.

I use Private Internet Access, and while it’s not free I feel it provides a lot of easy to setup tools to protect your privacy and/or anonymity, and once it’s setup it’s almost seamless.