Vote to get filter/dryer for bead blaster $150

This is a vote to get the required filter/dryer so we can use the cool bead blaster that Sean donated earlier.

I found this one on Amazon which should work. ($128)

NEW 1/2" Compressed Air Filter Regulator / Desiccant Dryer / Coalescing Filter 3 Stages Combo



Looks good. Not a good idea to harbor-freight this one. The blaster deserves better.

We also need to complete the air run to the electrical area so we can pressurize that leg of the air line.

I should be down at the Hive this weekend so I can help if needed.


My vote is yes to get the needed unit to use the blaster. Afterall, would like to use the thing myself someday ;).

Since the filter/dryer was approved Tuesday, has it been ordered? If no one chimes in as having done it, I’ll place the order…
Dave Velzy

I ordered it last night. Should be in by Friday.
I’ll try and install it this weekend.