VOTE: QuickBooks Implementation Support

All the up-to-date financial information is available to anyone who cares to look at it. The finance website is a once-a-month report, but it’s just one tool we have (that honestly is pretty nice).

Jim does an EXCELLENT job of keeping the day-to-day finances up to date and easily readable in these spreadsheets: Votes and Warden/MRO budget. Both are easily found on the wiki, under the Finances section on the main page. Additionally, Jim has always answered any questions I have messaged/emailed to him about the finances VERY thoroughly, always responding within a few days.

I don’t say this to try and persuade people against supporting this QB effort, if that will make people’s lives easier, let’s do it. The reason I point these things out is because people regularly claim that the information isn’t available now, which is just NOT true. All the information needed to make evaluation about our organization’s financial situation is freely available with minimal effort to all our members, and many of us have made efforts to generate forward looking budgets including all aspects of our cashflow, including planned large purchases, unplanned impulse buys, warden budgets, fixed expenses, etc. several of them can be found quickly just by searching this mailing list, or searching slack (most recent one is in the #finance channel).

QB will make it easier on our leadership to keep track of expenses and budgets, and it will make it easier to generate reports to share the state of our finances, but I firmly believe that people’s willingness to actually LOOK for the information will be the roadblock that makes people feel like there is a lack of transparency or planning. That’s the case now, and it will continue to be the case with QB.

This vote has passed unanimously.