Vote Proposal - Bleeding Control Kits + General First Aid Refresh - $400

Update on this.

The Bleeding Control Kits are more or less in place. We’re probably going to re-mount the main first aid cabinet at some point and when that happens the kit there will be mounted with it.

I did start taking inventory of our first aid supplies for the cabinets, but after doing the numbers for two of the cabinets, it just wasn’t that much more expensive to just order all the needed supplies not to mention the issue of older items where the packaging might have failed at some point.
I’ve just ordered a refill pack for each cabinet. I’ll restock the three cabinets with new supplies first then sort out what extra items are worth saving from the existing stock.

Update on this, the re-stock of the general first aid cabinets has been completed.

I’ve re-stock each kit with the minimum supply list and put the additional stuff that was still usable in the main first aid cabinet.
Supply lists have been added to each cabinet.

I’ve also put together a wiki page with supply lists and info on maintenance:

Thanks for doing this.

Double thanks!

Thanks Jeremy,
One of those things…

“Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”