[Vote] Lowering cost of laser minutes

Hey everyone,

We discussed this at a couple of meetings and I think it is time to do a vote!

Pretty much everyone at the minutes agreed that halving the cost of laser minutes would be nice at this point since the lasers bring in more than enough money to pay for themselves. Current laser balances will also be doubled so you don’t have to worry if you just donated to the big laser fund a few months ago or had a bunch of minutes from other purchases.

Next week I’d like to vote on this and implementing it on the back end shouldn’t be too hard!

If you want to vote remotely please respond to this thread.


Seems like a good deal :slight_smile:

I vote yes.

Since they are pulling in enough, I’ll also vote yes.

I vote yes.
(Fallout 4 is awesome :dizzy_face:)

I vote yes.
(And I also agree fallout 4 is awesome)

why not use the money to fund upgrades, new tools, etc?

I missed discussion on this, sorry.

Question: as it will be doubling our minutes we purchased, will it also double the monthly allowance, provided by a full membership?

I won’t be at next weeks meeting. Consider me a yes.

Ian B.

Dave - Part of the reason for this is lowering the barrier for people using the laser. Right now I think a lot of people avoid using it/don’t want to use it because of how much it costs. I doubt we will bring in less money from it by cutting the minutes in half anyhow, hopefully people use the laser more than it is used now!

Daniel - For right now, no. We talked about doing that and decided to just halve the cost of buying minutes for right now to keep it simple. There are a couple of other things on the drawing board including adjusting the number of free minutes that will be brought up in a while.


I vote yes

Sure, I’ll vote yes.


Everyone’s minutes on the laser site have been doubled, and the paypal purchase link should now credit twice as many minutes! ($30 for 2 hrs) I haven’t updated the text on the laser site to reflect that though.


I’ve updated it on the wiki page. I don’t know enough about Rails to mess with the Laser site.

Ian B.