Vote for electronics area equipment

After much discussion I’m going to modify the initial vote for the oscilloscope.

This vote is for $1000 to purchase equipment for the electronics area.

A Rigol DS1054Z for $399
A Saleae logic 8 analyzer for $220
A function generator for $50-$300

So the max would be $1000, could be less if I can find a good signal generator on the cheap.

If anyone would like to provide guidance/opinions on the choices please add to the original oscilloscope thread.
We will use this more for voting.

I vote YES!!! (Can I do it more than one… pretty please???)

I vote Yes.


Katie and I vote yes :wink: but only because brad is asking and i want to show favoritism towards old people X-D .

I vote Yes.

wont be at the meeting tonight, and i vote yes for the oscilloscope

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