VOTE: $500 to repair/refurbish donated wet diamond bandsaw

Hey everyone, this vote is a re-vote for the diamond bandsaw parts from the vote that I previously cancelled.

Amphay recently donated a Diamond Bandsaw. After inspecting the saw, I found it does work, but there are several parts that are missing or damaged, including the water pump and work table. It also has many rusted screws and needs new blade guides and some general TLC. I propose we spend $500 on the replacement parts and a spare blade.

This vote will be open till the 2022-08-23 Tuesday meeting.


Kevin M.
Hot Crafts Warden

I vote YES.

I also vote yes

I vote yes. This is a good example of a (comparatively) cheap repair project being taken up by a member to restore an expensive machine we already own for the betterment of the tooling at the Hive.

I vote yes!

I vote yes

Yes. I support this plan.

I vote yes

I vote Yes

I vote yes

I vote yes.

I vote yes

I vote yes

With 16 yeses, 0 nos, and 0 abstains, this vote passes.

The parts are ordered. The pump and blade guides shipped already, but the work table and blade are backordered till mid September.

Woot! The backordered parts finally shipped!

FYI, just got the shipping confirmation for the last part that was backordered from this vote. I’ll get working on getting the saw operational as soon as it arrives.