Vertical Wood Storage Clean Out - July

Hey all,

It’s been 3 months since the last wood storage evaluation. I’ve made labels for all the spots, and these include their renewal date and their “expiration” date (when I will ask for renewals again). Each quarter (3 months) people will need to renew their spaces. Next one will be at the end of September. If you haven’t done anything with your materials in the space in that quarter previously, I’ll need a really good reason for that material to continue to be stored here.

These storage spaces are supposed to be for short term use while actively working on a project (weeks to 3 months), or longer term use if people are using the space very frequently.

If you are on this list, please contact me to renew your space, or let me know that it is available:
Daniel McNamara
Jon Neal

Ryan Hershey
Lorin Parker
Tom Meyer
Daniel/Will Hopkins

If you have a space and you haven’t used it in a few weeks or months… please consider moving your wood elsewhere.

Please contact me to renew your space if you really think you need to keep it. Remember the hive isn’t supposed to be cold storage for personal materials for months or years.



TL;DR - Wood storage is being cleaned out. If you have materials stored, contact me to keep your space if you actively need it.

Please renew my spot

Tiffany and I have used wood from our storage maybe 2x in the last 3 months. So I don’t think our use counts as “actively working project”.

I will clear it out in the next week…unless maybe someone want to share half a storage space?


Mike, ask Twist

Just a reminder that I still need to hear from a couple of you about this! Thanks.

Mike -

I’m using about half of my storage area. We could probably Tetris our stuff into one space. I’ll look after tonight’s meeting.

  • Ry

Thanks Ryan, I’ll be there at the meeting tonight