Vacuum Chamber

Just thinking about the cost of how much resin you’d be using if you needed a 55ga chamber, and my eyes are glazing over.

yeah, Exactly…

Calculating this out, I get:

1.42 seconds for 5 Gallon

15.6 seconds for 55 Gallon

Sounds like this pump would make serious work of any vessel. Am I missing something? Did I move a decimal point or something? That seems pretty fast.

Checked the larger vacuum degasser at work. Likely would hold a 3 gallon bucket, my guess is the wall thickness is 3/4 of an inch. the others are paint pot bottoms.

The metal casting discussions made me think of this again, I’m still itching to be able to cast things in resins nicely and it looks like you can get a nice 3 gallon pot ready to use for $130 ($345 with a new, 2 stage pump) on amazon.

I lack sufficient knowledge about this stuff to make good decisions though…

does anyone know the differences between the ones sold for wood stabilization vs. resin casting? a lot of them specifically state the warranties are voided if used for the other purpose, but I have no idea why.



I use a best value Vac in my business, it has done extremely well.

I do not know anything about the wood stabilization specifically but from my knowledge with resin, they dont look that far off. Best value vacuum appears to be used for both: