Use for 3mm Filament?

I accidentally bought 3mm hot pick ABS instead of 1.75mm. Do we have anything that can use 3mm? Return shipping costs 75% of what I paid so I’m not terribly motivated to do it if we can use it.

The ultimaker and gigabot both use 2.85 or 3mm filament.

  • Ry

Ultimaker is best bet due to a good heated bed. I’m waiting on a new TFM spacer for it, but when that comes, it’ll be up and running again. It’s a common, minor parts swap.

I can help you out with the Ultimaker, as well as point you to some tutorials. I’ll be putting together a video “certification” for hive once the part comes in.

Only trick is, if you use hairspray or abs juice or sticky stuff more intense than glue stick, please clean the build plate afterward.


Excellent. I'll bring it by. If anyone needs it before I get around to using it feel free. There aren't enough hot pink printed parts in this world.

I should have the Ultimaker ready and rolling tomorrow.