Urban Agriculture Presentation March 3

Anyone from Camp interested in urban gardening? Please see flyer attached.
Joe Gorman 542-1637

Please join the Hamilton County Environmental Action Commission for a

HCEAC_Urban Agriculture Flyer.pdf (331 KB)

I’m into urban agriculture (working on a project right now in Avondale) but won’t be able to make that. If anybody goes, let me know.

-Miles Joyner

I'm very interested but unfortunately I'm going to be in AZ that whole
week so won't be able to go myself. I, too, would be interested in a
report if anyone goes.


This is a subject I have been hoping to learn more about… this must be what Dave was tweeting about earlier: I would love to go but since they decided to hold this in the early afternoon of a business day, I probably won’t be able.

do you know if this is posted online somewhere?

Not that I could find. The State of Ohio site for this group is woe-fully outdated. The county-level site seems more current, but the way it is organized is absolutely horrible, and I gave up completely after noticing that Jason’s original message had an attached PDF flyer.

I went through the same process. I tried to find out more about the group hosting the event and found this website: http://hceac.epa.state.oh.us/

According to the info there, they always meet on the first Thursday of the month at 1:00pm.

Since there is this much interest, I could try to contact someone there and see if any of the speakers would be willing to come to the Hive and give a talk.


That sounds like a great idea to me, Dave.

Here’s the response I got from Larry (below). Small world… it happens that I’ve actually met Clare Norwood and chatted about the Food Congress before. It should be an interesting event.



I just wanted to make one more post on this topic…

If folks are really interested in urban agriculture and other local food and farming issues, I have to recommend the cincilocavores mailing list. It is a great mailing list to be a part of. It is full of knowledgeable people ranging from farmers, to restauranteurs, to backyard gardeners, etc, etc. Definitely check it out if you want to keep up with all the local food related issues.


A flyer was recently posted to cincilocavores announcing another series of events that may be of interest: http://bit.ly/gNVdtH

And yet another site that I would recommend on this subject is: http://localfoodsystems.org It is more oriented towards Ohio-wide information, but it is a good resource.


“… focused on building the local food economy through support for local growers, distributors of locally grown food, processors of locally grown food, etc.”

I’m soooo glad to see there is actually a solid movement underway to get more people aware and participating in stuff like this. I’m constantly postulating (and wishing I could do more to foster growth) to others (usually naysayers) about how there just has to be a market for this, but that simply not enough people hear about it to get the ball rolling.

very cool. thanks for the info Jason/Dave


Not to be an advertisement, but I am a customer of
http://www.greenbeandelivery.com (used to be farmfreshdelivery.com),
and while they do offer fruits grown outside of the area, they do
showcase quite a bit of locally grown/slaughtered/created food and

And they deliver. Every two weeks.

I've also heard a lot about semi-local co-op cow farms where you buy
in a certain amount to purchase a cow (along with however many other
individuals). Then you help pay for food and whatever else the cow
needs as it grows. Then, when the time comes, you get the percentage
of the cow that you helped to pay for. Sometimes this is a whole half
a cow. Sometimes it's just a quarter.

I'm really keen on distribution of wealth and using local resources in
a smart way. Just thought I'd poke in a little and share what I know.