Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 7:30pm – Introduction to KiCad PCB Design at Hive13

Yes, it is short notice, but the 2015 season of Second-Tuesday-of-the-Month speaker series kicks off at HIVE13 this Tuesday, January 13, at 7:30pm when Hive COO Jon Neal will provide an electrifying introduction to KICAD printed circuit board (PCB) design.

You’ve wanted it. You’ve asked for it. Now, here it is.

Resolve to use these cold winter months to learn how to design and make your own PCB designs at Hive13!

KICAD is a leading open-source Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software suite for the creation of professional schematics and printed circuit boards up to 32 copper layers with additional technical layers. KiCad runs on Windows, Linux and Apple OS X and is released under the open-source GNU GPL v2 free of charge. (KiCad link)

Members, guests, first-time-walk-ins, and all those interested in hearing Jon rag on something besides keeping the Hive clean and neat are welcome to come for this talk on Tuesday, January 13, at 7:30pm. (Find Us)



Can we try to announce these a little further in advance please? Less than 48 hours is a little short. :frowning:


This was short notice since we only decided on it in the last week.

Sorry to anyone who wants to make it, but can’t! I will be trying to do a more in depth class on kicad before the end of the month.

This talk is only meant to be a short demo and light intro to kicad. It looks like it may be recorded if that can be pulled together in time and I will post any of my files online once I have given the talk.