TRS-80 system

I have an old Radioshack TRS-80 if anyone wants it. It may not powers up but doesn't boot up. I may be doing something wrong. It would be a nice addition to your computer museum :P. Includes monitor, tape player, all cables and a box of game tapes/programs. Manuals also. Email if interested.

you dont want to try and sell it at the YART sale?

See if you can sell it… I’m not sure that we are really looking to start/increase our old computer museum. Under my tenure, we’ve actually been trying to purge useless stuff and focus on implementing useful, working machines wherever possible. I have no clue what we would do with a Trash-80, let alone a marginally functional one.

-Dave B.
Acting CTO @Hive13

I wasn’t going to dump it on the Hive, but just offering it to anyone who really wanted it. I can’t be absolutely sure if it is not functional Someone posted then deleted their post with interest. If anyone want’s it to play with, use it for parts etc… Let me know. It is Free to a good home…Some people like fiddling with old computers… but if you take it, plan to take it home… keep the Hive spacious and operational!

If I wasn’t purging stuff in preparation of moving I would probably hit you up for it. It would look bad ass next to my dumb term :slight_smile:

-D this is the Dayton Microcomputers Association, they are the people who do the computer museum I told you about… looks like Dayton Diode is involved with them too…

I go up to Dayton fairly regulary, so if they want it, I could take it up.


Thanks Nancy, I called the DMAs Classic Computing group coordinator Gary and he told me he lost his storage space and couldn't take anything. He had to give some TRS80s away to good will. Oh the horror!

I haven’t been very active with the hive but I collect vintage computers and would be happy to give the TRS-80 a home.

Hi Beau, as you see in my first post… it may not be functional. Supposedly when you plug in the power and attach it to the monitor, you see >ready displayed… but for this one… the screen shows a bunch of numbers and @…not sure if it is the TRS-Death screen or some other minor problem… like a cable or pin is broken etc…

Yep, I noticed that. If it’s not something I can fix then I’ll have no problem using it for parts for the other TRS-80s I have.

Yay OK! it’s all yours! I can meet you tonight somewhere? The Hive… hand off the goods :slight_smile:

I have them with me.. can drop off tonight

Okay, my cell is 513.305.4042 unless you were going to drop them off at the hive, in which case you’d probably have noticed that I’m not there…

I will call you tomorrow

Hey Nebby/Cindy-

I just wanted to say thanks again for TRS-80! Sorry we didn’t get to talk too long. I wanted to ask about the history of the computer too. Like was who bought it and for what purpose?

Surprisingly the computer still had it’s “warranty void if removed” epoxy on one of the screws, so I just voided that 34 year old warranty lol. Anyway it looks like it has a bad address decoder but I’m going to have to put it up for now.

Take care!