Tomorrow (June 30) DEADLINE to apply for the Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire (September 13-14)

Everyone knows it is fast approaching, and we have not reminded folks enough, but tomorrow (June 30, 2014) is the deadline to apply as a maker to display your creation(s) for the upcoming two-day Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire at Union Terminal (September 13-14, 2014).

The website is at It has an APPLY NOW button to take you to the Exhibitor/Vendor application page.

You know you want to finish your project and show it off. Register now!


Has anyone signed up the learn-to-solder table? If not, I can do so…


Soldering is not yet signed up to my knowledge.


You guys think I should sign up my smoker grill?

Alright, if I don’t hear back about learn-to-solder from anyone, I will sign it up tomorrow. (Marcus if you see this I want to give you the chance to sign up since you created the kits!)

The 3D printer table also got some attention last year, I think it would be good to do that again. Bill will you be at the Maker Faire?

@Dave–sounds good to me, especially if you show off the DIY aspect with some build-in-progress photos etc…would you be grilling? :slight_smile:


I sent in an application for it.

I did it last week, I got a “we got your submission” response, but nothing else yet

Is there an official Hive13 table registered this year? Last year we had the Learn to Solder and Power Tool Drag Racing tables flying the Hive13 banner, but not a general purpose project table displaying areas of the Hive’s expertise.

Something like this would allow people who don’t want to man their own table a place to congregate and advertise the Hive.

I support an official Hive13 table. Any word on this? (Rapidly closing on deadline)

Ryan and I sent in an application for a hive booth. We asked for a larger indoor space (although we said if only 10x10 was available that was fine) and for 15A@120V power. We’ll see if they accept it I guess!

Sounds great! Thanks guys!

In my application I said the learn to solder booth should, if it made sense, be by the hive13 space. My ulterior motive being that it will be easier to steal volunteers if needed

Are we talking the evening of 7/3? I can put in three hours teaching soldering, and maybe some time on other things, especially if I get a ride (from North Avondale, near Clinton Springs and Reading, roughly halfway between Xavier and University Hospital).

The maker faire is September 13 and 14, but if you are free then, I’m sure we could you use for a shift or more. Last year there was never more than 10 minutes without a student, and that was being hidden in a basement behind a “beware of the leopard” sign. Much of the time we had a line for each of four instructors.

I should be able to do a shift or 2. My girls are both in the youth program at CMC, and will likely be working at the museums that Saturday. I found out about the have at last year's learn to solder booth, so it's fitting that I return the favor this year. I'm not positive which day(s) I'll be available just yet, but will let you know as September approaches.