Strong Magnets

Someone at work is looking for some strong magnets for a personal project, not really sure what the project is but he is looking for some strong magnets that are circular and roughly 1" in diameter. Any idea if there is a local store that would sell something like this or is the only option to order it online?

I suggested hard drive magnets, but I am not sure if they exactly meet the requirement of “circular”.

Maybe Radio Shack, or you could even try the gift shop at the Museum Center. But that’s just a guess.

I bought some Magcraft magnets recently from, but turns out their own distribution / sales is in Ohio and Fedex Ground only takes a day:

United Nuclear has 1" diameter powerful magnets.

Not a big fan of the guy who runs the place, but they have a lot of things that are harder to find.





I have rare-earth magnets that are exactly that size. I ordered them from; they have a significant selection.